Tuesday, May 24, 2011

still truckin' along

Well, I don't have much to report this week (which is good I guess!)  Still on modified bedrest, but this has definitely been the most uncomfortable I've felt so far.  Babies must be growing lots now, and i'm just not feeling as good as I was earlier...knew that was too good to last! One (or maybe 2) of them has moved up by my ribs, and that's pretty painful no matter what position I'm in.  And the back pain has been constant despite my attempts at massages and heating pads.  I'm just almost 24 weeks, but keep in mind that's equivalent to the size of 36 weeks with a single, but then triple the weight of the babes!  I've been very lazy lately, sometimes not even getting out of my pjs unless someone's coming to visit, do dinner, etc.  It's been fun to see friends that stop by to keep company, or visiting from outta town and get to catch up!  Weekends do seem a bit busier b/c that's when I can actually get more stuff done w/ timmy to help, and I'm trying to get everything in order since i have no idea when i'll be confined to bed!

This weekend we went to a "Life with Baby" class at the hospital and it was actually really good! Lots of basics, but helped a lot b/c so much has changed since we were growing up, or even babysitting, etc. in high school 10 years ago!  The funniest part was in the beginning when they went around the room and we had to say our baby's sex, name, due date, etc.  The gasps and "oh my"s that filled the room of pregnant women when i said ours were triplets was hysterical!  All these women were in their last trimester, and I'm sure thinking "thank you Jesus" i don't have 3 in here haha!  Couldn't help but laugh!  It really doesn't phase us much anymore that it's any different, so I love seeing other people's reactions!
After Infant CPR and the car seat inspections next week, we will be all set to bring them home :)

Had to share something fun we got from Lance Berkman (through a good friend and old neighbor of ours that plays with him on the Cardinals now....thanks Mark!)
When we had to think of a 3rd boys name (we originally had 2 girls picked), we decided to go with something timmy, myself, and our families are all huge fans of and passionate about--the Astros!)  We've all been going to games since we were little, and that old team full of heart...Bagwell, Biggio, Berkman, Bell, etc.  were so special to us growing up! Out of them all, Berkman and Biggio have the most heart, Godliness, integrity, and determination, therefore Lance Craig.  When Berkman heard about that he gave us a "birthday" gift to Lance, and we already have a bat signed by Biggio, so these will be perfect in the nursery :)   Now we just need to get Paw Paw to sign something for his namesake Jack!

Have a great week!  Love you all!
    Laur +3

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