Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wow!  Cannot believe we're already at 24.5 weeks!!  Not only is this a big milestone for triplets (they are now viable and could survive if they decided to come this early-but they won't!!), but things are still going amazingly smooth!

Had an appointment yesterday, and Dr. Hare was really pleased with everything:  My weight gain (slowly but surely got up to 151 woohoo!), no major contractions or cervix issues (so glad I got the cerclage done early!), and the babies' weight!  In fact, they were ALL 1 pound, 7 oz.--she said she's never seen triplets all having the exact weight at this point, and she sees LOTS of triplets!  Not a lot of stuff surprises her, but this really had her going!!

AND the best part was she did 4D ultrasounds on them....we were so excited b/c we weren't expecting that at all, and she said for us not to tell anyone she did those (so it's just between us!)  It was absolutely AMAZING to see them in that way!  I thought we were already spoiled by getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks, but this just took it to a whole new level and knocked the normal ultrasounds outta the park! 
   I'm already in love with those little noses and sweet mouths!  Londyn was apparently talking or singing most of the time haha!
Speaking of Londyn...dr said she's going to be a little stinker heh!  She was trying to hid behind brother most of the time, and kept moving as soon as we'd find her...then cover her face w/ her hands.  that's why it looks pretty blurry b/c of all the movement they were doing!
This last pic is yesterday too, but the regular do you see what i mean....can't even compare! 

Overall, things are going really well right now!  I'm still allowed to do my outing each day, and not confined to the bed. However, i do spend a lot more time laying down/relaxing on the couch b/c I get so tired, and the heat is really rough out there too!  So many triplet mommies I've talked to or read about in their blogs were not this "free" at this time, and many were already on hospital bedrest, so I am truly thankful and amazed at how much God is blessing us!  Keep it coming please :)

As of today, I'm also set up with a Home Uterine Monitor to track/assess contractions that I may or may not be feeling.  But that's a whole other story with lots to tell, so i'll save it for next time!

thanks so much for all your prayers....please keep them up!! Love you all!

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