Saturday, October 5, 2013

Catching up with the kiddos :) May-July

We're still here....didn't go totally MIA, just really really busy :)  (in a good way!!)  Since it's been 6 Months since I last posted, I'll try to condense and show you a quick pic of our favorite memories from May-July, then pick up with August-Sept in the next post, promise!  

Things are going great at Little LeVrier Land....Still enjoying our new location, Kids started preschool (mon/wed at Grace--2 minutes from our new house!) and are LOVING it!  Mommy loves having a few hours of time to catch up with friends, work on my new business venture (what else, but kids' clothing by Kelly's 
Kids), Still tutoring some at nights, and Tim starts 
a new job next week--an awesome opportunity at a company he's been dying to work for (Mustang).  He was really happy at Weatherford 
and promised me he'd only leave if it was "worth it" for our family....this was definitely worth it, so here we go again!    This summer was full family trips, pooltime, playdates with friends, sleepovers with grandparents, birthdays, showers, loving on each other, reading, crafting, and lots of new words!!!!  LOVE this age so much and how different each of their personalities are, yet they still get along perfectly (well, between the minor disagreements heh!) and are BEST FRIENDS!!

Awesome Family Beach Trip in June!!  We had a blast together!

Playtimes with our sweet Grandparents!
Sleepovers at DeeDee & PawPaw's house!

LOTS of trips to the Zoo!!!

and Lots of pool time with our Friends

Boys got several haircuts!

Celebrated Dada on Father's Day!!

And Celebrated our 5 year anniversary!

Hosted playdates with our buddies!!
Mother's Day celebration

Went to showers for mommy's friends!
4th of July Parade and Cookout at LeVriers!

Enjoyed the dugout seats at Astros game!!

Mom's birthday!

Sneak peek of the big birthday post :)