Saturday, May 14, 2011

22 week update!

Happy weekend!  I just have a little time before I get ready for another shower today :), but wanted to do a quick post and share some pics from my school shower this Thursday!!  

how far along?  22 weeks
how are you measuring?  30-31 weeks
Size of babies?  11 inches and about a pound each (acc. to babycenter...I'll find out specifics monday)
total weight gain  +24 pounds
stretch marks? No, not yet!! 
sleep?  a little better this week :) It helps knowing i can get right back in bed and watch the Today show after I get up at 5:30ish with him. Usually don't fall back asleep, but still get rest!
maternity clothes?  Yes! Mostly tshirts/ tanks while at home
 best moment this week?  getting to celebrate Mother's Day with my amazing mom & grandma, and seeing my amazing friends/coworkers at my school shower!
movement?   YES—all 3 are very active, especially after I eat anything!
food cravings? Nothing special….but eating SO much to keep up with their needs!
what i miss:  seeing my sweet friends and teammates at school each day L
what I'm looking forward to: another great shower this afternoon! And getting good news (crossed fingers) at our appointment Monday
how are you feeling?  Not bad…my back has been hurting, especially when just sitting on the couch (weird I know!), and still restless most nights 

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