Tuesday, May 17, 2011

no news = good news!

we get lots of pics every 2 weeks, but they
start to all look similar, so I'll spare you from
too many of them :)
 Well, we got another good report at the appointment yesterday!  Not much to report, which to me is a good thing!  Here were the highlights in a nutshell :)

-- Dr. didn't seem concerned at this point about going into preterm labor soon (but said that could change within a few days, you never know!)
- I'll start wearing a HUAM (Home Uterine Activity Monitor) in 2 weeks to measure contractions and send reports to her...yikes!

--Got away with NOT having to do a 3rd glucose test yay!  She was afraid i'd pass out like I almost did last time I had it done, and said "we don't have time for that" ha!

-- didn't get exact weights, but said they are each over a pound and looking good!
--I can still make one outing a day, and she encouraged me to "take time for me" while i'm still feeling up to it! 

This weekend I had another shower...babies are getting spoiled already!  My sweet Sisters-in-law and timmy's Aunt Liz hosted, and did an amazing job!  It was such a good afternoon at Cantina Laredo!!  Lots of family and friends, good food, and so many cute things for Londyn, Layton, and Lance Craig!  :)


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