Friday, July 8, 2011

You know you're 30 wks with Triplets when....

Sorry it's been awhile since i posted!  Here's a little change since i don't have a whole lot to update:
You know you’re 30 weeks with Triplets when…
-you have to sit down on the tub edge to dry and straighten your hair
-you’re mid-morning “snack” consists of a box of mac’n’cheese followed by a large bowl of peach icecream…or something along those lines (that was today)
-your hubby won’t even let you walk to the mailbox by yourself for fear of something happening in those 20 feet…
-you rotate through 3 big t-shirts at home (only ones that still fit), then get stressed if they are all in the laundry leaving nothing to lounge in
-you have more conversations and physical interaction with your pups than any human while home all day
-you have about 10 alarms set on your iphone for medicine reminders throughout the day, and wake up at 2am to take one of those doses
-speaking of meds, you fill up 2 giant pill cases each week, and can’t leave home without a travel case too
-your booty is still sore from the large progesterone shot you got 4 days ago
-you don’t even save all the ultrasound pics anymore b/c you’ve had SO many of them the past months
-you are excited when the uterine monitor shows “only” 4 or 5 contractions an hour
-you haven’t cooked a meal or baked a dessert (besides slice&bake) for months, but don’t mind
-the 1st thought when you open a menu is "i wonder what has the most iron and protein?"
-you realize you truly have the best family & friends in the world, and appreciate all they do so much!
-your uterus is officially “full term” for a singleton, and your bags are packed to head to delivery at any moment!
I could list so many more things that I never thought I would experience, but wanted to give you just a taste of my daily life!  I truly can’t complain, b/c everything I keep reading on blogs, etc makes me so grateful that I’m still somewhat mobile and not in much pain!!
Got a good report from the Dr on Tuesday, and she’s planning on us making it through july (which would put me at 33 weeks and an awesome milestone!) Even if they were to come next week they should still be risk for more future complications, but still fine!  Otherwise, not much to report!   I hadn’t gained anymore weight since last week, but she says babies are doing fine so I’ll just keep doing what I can!  Still having quite a few contractions every hour, but not enough to put me in the hospital yet!! 
  Thanks so much for all the sweet emails, messages, calls, etc--they mean so much to us and feels so good to know we have so much support out there.  Love you all!!

my 2 cuddlebugs :) they keep me company in bed or couch all day! love my babies!!


  1. Lauren - I just wanted you to know that I read your blog religiously and I am so impressed with how you're handling all this. You're my hero! I'm keeping my fingers crossed the babies stay put fora little longer and that you can stay somewhat comfortable. Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures of the babies!! --Ashley

  2. Hang in there; you are doing awesome! I am sure it isn't easy...two was hard at 30 weeks so I can imagine how tough things are right now. The longer you keep those sweet babies in the better. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!