Tuesday, July 26, 2011


32.5 weeks whew!
These thank yous have been on my heart for a long time, and I wanted to write them out now since I’m not sure I’ll be coming home after my appointment tomorrow!
We’ve been SO blessed by so many people throughout this journey, and I wanted to let you know how much it ALL has meant to us!  Seriously, there's no way we could've gotten this far without you all!
First of all, thanks to my wonderful husband for your constant love, encouragement, and excitement about getting everything ready!  Thanks for working so hard everyday to make sure we can provide the babies with all they will ever need or want, then coming home and catering to whatever i need.  You’re going to be an amazing daddy!
My Mom has been such a Godsend, truly.  Anyone who knows her will attest that she is the most selfless, devoted lady there is, and I can’t even imagine going through this without her! Through  furnishing the nursery, spoiling the babies (and us) with too many things, cooking, taking me to dr. visits and around town when I could, organizing, and much more….she has spared no detail, expense, or energy.  I really think she has supplied half of the babies’ large wardrobe J   And thanks to my sweet dad too for his constant support  (and working hard to be the credit card behind all those things J)
Thanks to my awesome sisters for taking good care of their big sis…the dinners, lunches, visits, painting,  and precious outfits for the babies are so appreciated.  (and thanks to their sweet boyfriends Alex & Chris for all your help too!)  It’s been so fun to spend all this time with you and I thank God everyday that yall live so close J
My sweet in-laws have been so wonderful and generous as well!  Thanks for all the yummy dinners you’ve supplied, along with the adorable bedding and precious gifts for the babies.  I’ve loved the girls visits, and we are so lucky to have all of you in our lives!
There’s SO many people to thank for being so generous in helping us prepare for 3 of everything.  I won’t get into listing everything b/c that would take all night, but I would love to thank the amazing hostesses of the showers again!   Kathy & Kelley McCoy, Ash&al, Christy Tanton, Julie, Katie, and Rachel LeVrier, Liz Jackson, and my incredible 3rd grade team. Also to the very talented Tiffany Conrad for organizing my class shower and creating such special keepsakes from the kids.   I love you all and have such amazing memories from those showers!
 I want to say thanks to everyone who has supplied dinners for us, lunch for me, smoothies, etc.  Not only has that helped so much since I can’t prepare anything, but I’ve SO enjoyed your company and getting to chat when you come by.  It truly makes my day!!  Thanks Dee Dee & Paw Paw, McCoy family, Darcie & Anthony, Christy T, Alli M., Leslie & Clayton, Christi C., and of course our awesome families!
I was lucky to be loaned some great maternity clothes (thanks Ellie and Coby), and lots of precious preemie stuff and girls outfits (thanks Julie, Kristin, and Coby).  And to the ultimate triplet mom Pam Stone...she passed on So much knowledge, goodies, and her doctor!  Love them all!!
I can’t end without thanking these sweet girls who have kept me going and provide me with more encouragement, advice, etc than I ever imagined.  Just like the song says “you find out who your friends are”…. I am so blessed.  Thanks Kel, Darcie, Christy, Court, Ash/Al,  and Christi.
So sorry if I left anyone off, and sorry for the long post!  I just really want you all to know how much you mean to us.  Can’t wait for these babies to get here in the next week or 2 so you can share in our JOY!!

Happy Birthday to Dee Dee (86!!) and Ashley & Alyson (23).  Everyone got to come over to our house after dinner since we couldn't go, and it was a great celebration!  This GIANT foot tall cake from Oh La La definitely hit the spot!  Love you young ladies!!

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  1. I love reading about your progress and those 3 precious babies! Prayers for you and your family as the birth-date approaches!