Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Peas in a Pod

This weekend I had the most adorable, fun shower!  Thank you so much to the amazing hostesses--Kathy and Kelley McCoy, Ashley and Alyson (sisters), and Christy Tanton!  They thought of EVERY possible detail, and it was such a beautiful day that i will never forget!
       And thank you also to everyone who came to help celebrate these babies....we had a really big turn out, and I feel completely spoiled by all of your generosity!  I LOVE the personal touches each gift had, and there are just so many!! 

Here are a few pics of the day:

I'm now at 21.5 weeks, and feeling pretty good!  Been off work since last Wed., and I'm still missing everyone like crazy! It helps to have both sisters and several close friends still there who can keep me updated so i'm not totally out of the loop!  I will admit though, it is nice to be able to rest up (and eat up) for the babies b/c I am really feeling the need for it more now.  BUT it's SO nice to not be confined to bed all day!  I spend most of my time on the couch with the pups, do my one allowable outing (usually a quick trip to the store, manicure, prenatal massage, etc), then Tim gets home early evening.  So all in all the day goes by pretty quick!

Thanks so much again for all of your love and encouragement!  It means more than you know!

Laur +3

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