Sunday, August 7, 2011

reached the goal!!

Well, this will be my last post as a “normal” 26 year old in a family of 2!   I still cannot believe they will be here in a few days!  Our delivery has been moved up to Wednesday at 6:30 am (Dr. wanted this earlier time originally but couldn’t get it till now).  I’ll go see her Tues. morning to get final weights, pre-op stuff, etc. then she’s having me check into the hospital that day to be monitored and so that things aren’t so hectic the next morning.
Made it to 34 weeks!  This was past my original goal, far enough along for dr to be happy, and 2-3 weeks past the average triplet stay!   So thankful that they are still hanging on, and even more thankful for a relatively “easy” multiples pregnancy!  Since I have nothing to compare it to, I would say this journey didn’t turn out to be near as unbearable or crazy as I anticipated!  Granted, the many tests, frequent dr/hospital visits, long time off work, and overall reduction in what I was “allowed” to do was at times very frustrating!  But I feel so lucky to have had the experience I did…I know very well from many other blogs, tv shows, nurse stories, etc. that many mommies aren’t so fortunate to have it this good.  If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would and could….IF we decided later to have another, this might make that singleton pregnancy seem easy.  That’s a big IF by the way J, you never know!

More than anything, I just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for your amazing encouragement and support over these past months.  I know it’s cliché, but I honestly could not have made it this long without feeling so loved and built up by so many people.  God has continued to reveal his awesome love, grace, and peace that surpasses all understanding through my amazing family, friends, co-workers, and even people I’ve never met but who still send me such love!
Please keep us in your prayers on Wednesday and the next few weeks as they continue to grow and develop in the NICU.  I know they will be in good hands there, but it’s still scary to think of all those tubes, IVs, machines, etc. that will be helping them out.  Mom’s already got the room decorations and Incubator name signs all ready to go (of course she does), so at least they will be arriving in style J
Here's a Final "Stats" update:

how far along?  34 weeks
diagram of the trio!

how are you measuring?  Close to 44 weeks
size of babies?  Should be over 4 pounds each…hopefully 4.5 when we go on Tues.
total weight gain  +38 pounds
stretch marks?  Looks like it’s not happening!!
sleep?  Falling asleep quickly, but still wake up at least every hour to go to bathroom, take my nighttime meds, etc.
maternity clothes?  Oh yes! Mostly a big tank or tee around the house b/c it’s so hot!!
 best moment this week?  Setting the date for delivery, and then having it moved up!!
movement?   YES—they’ve been squirming a lot! Londyn keeps pressing with a hand, and Lance has the hiccups almost daily ha!

The pretty pearl necklace
 (3 peas in a pod) that's
 to be my "push present"
Love it!

food cravings? Anything cold/frozen…lots of smoothies, ice cream, juice, etc
what i miss:  going grocery shopping! I’m a bit OCD with my lists, coupons, planning, etc--Had to send timmy this week, and he did a good job (after the 4 phone calls to ask about types of cheese, etc. J) He’s done an awesome job with the cooking--i’m so lucky to have a guy that genuinely loves cooking (and watching Food Network), trying new recipes, and actually makes delicious stuff!
what I'm looking forward to:  WEDNESDAY of course!!! 
how are you feeling?  Not bad!! Still able to move around the house, but mostly staying on couch so nothing will get stirred up! Often tired and still having lots of contractions, but last week Dr. upped my meds for that and it’s helping a lot! 

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