Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little scare, but doing fine!

Well, if you lived in Cinco Ranch or were at Kilpatrick yesterday, you might have heard the ambulance-- much to my dismay!  The good thing was all of this happened during recess, so the kids didn't have to be worried and watch the ems do their thing while the entire front office was in my room too ha!  Still not too sure what caused it, but basically my blood pressure dropped really low and I was seeing black for a while there.  It all came on so quickly, but my team and the rest of our admin were so amazing at keeping calm but taking control!  They truly thought of every detail, right down to pulling my sisters from their classes and getting mom and timmy there right away!  Fortunately, after a bit I got back to normal, and the EMS cleared me to ride w/ family to the hospital instead of riding in the ambulance (thank goodness!!)  At first they wanted to take me out in a stretcher (seriously?!?), but settled for the wheelchair!

Layton Jack

Long story short, at the hospital they just did some other tests and put an IV in to get some fluids, etc.  Today I spent the day at mom's (they wouldn't let me be alone in case it happened again), then we went to see the doctor and got good news!!  She thinks this won't happen again, as long as I eat WAY more protein and get it every few hours.  She said the babies are much bigger now and taking all my food faster than I can have any for myself, hince not good for my hypoglycemia or anemia!  But the BEST news is that i'm not on full bedrest yet! (she said i may never be depending on how things progress!!) Instead, it's more of "house arrest" where I need to rest most of the day, but am allowed one outing or "event" each day  (could be Target, dr. appt, baby shower, etc but only one!)  This was great news to me!!  She said now that i'm done working, i really must focus on eating often (till i'm sick of it she said ha!) and resting those babies! 

Lance Craig
It's so hard to not be at school, but I have to think of the bigger purpose now!

Londyn Grace

 All 3 measured perfectly she said...not too small, not too big! And each about 13 ounces, so almost 3 pounds total-- no wonder i'm feeling lots of movement all the time now!!

Sorry for the long post....wanted to get it all out so i don't have to keep explaining to different people!  Thanks so much for your concern and thankful they are all ok!


  1. I'm so glad to hear this Lauren. I'd been waiting for an update from you on here :) I'm glad you and the babies are doing well. Enjoy the house arrest! Much better than bed rest for sure.

  2. So scary. I"m glad everything is okay. Enjoy your quiet time at home before your babies are here. And enjoy your time that you aren't on full bed rest!!