Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm still here...

YES, I’m still here J  Never thought I would be home still at this point, but I’m still kickin’!  Not much to report from our appt. yesterday (which is good), but wanted to give you a quick update!
-Best news is that ALL the babies made it to 3 pounds which is a good milestone at 30 weeks! They were 3 lbs, 3lbs 2oz, and 3lbs 6oz.  Now our next goal is 4 pounds!
-I gained just a pound over the last 2 weeks (still not sure how that’s possible since the babes total weight gain is way over that for those same weeks?l)  Now up to a gain of 33….I’m thinking my goal should be 40lbs overall instead of her initial one of 70!  Just not going to happen no matter how I try.  We even had a BIG Mexican lunch at Ninfa’s on Navigation just before the appt thinking it would help, but guess the babies needed those enchiladas more than I did J  you’re welcome kids!
- Dr. told me to pack my bags for next week’s appt and each one following b/c we just don’t know when hospital time will come.  Dodge &Cash aren't handling the suitcases in the corner very well L
-Still averaging a contraction every 10 minutes…my “threshold” on the monitor is supposed to be 6, but I’ve gone over that several times last week.  Dr. is more concerned with the “quality” (how heavy/painful  over “quantity” of them, since I’ll have a lot more than a singleton would anyways.  They are getting a lot stronger, esp at night or when I’ve been out/on my feet for longer than I should.  Hence the reason I’m spending most of my time of the couch or in bed now to prevent that!!
Knock on wood, but still no swelling, intense pain, stretch marks, or other irritating issues from my meds like I was expecting!  The biggest annoyance now is the MANY bathroom trips…not exaggerating at all when I say I go every 15-20 minutes, then overnight every hour. 
What I’m loving this week: 
-long soaks in our Jacuzzi tub (although the water has to be lukewarm, not hot),
-fruit juice/lemonade, smoothies, or anything cold!
-seeing all the babies’ swings, seats, etc. being assembled and waiting to be used,
-watching random movies from Netflix or HBO (Ramona and Beezus was really good! A suggestion from the teacher and 3rd grader in me I guess!)
-the fact that July is half over...makes us that much closer to meeting our new loves!


  1. What a blessing that you have made it this far!! I thought of you today.... While I was nursing Pearson, I was watchig Make Room for multiples on TLC and the family had triplets!!! Son excited for you!!!

  2. this is so awesome!
    and ramona and beezus is one of our favs. sucha a darlng movie