Monday, May 2, 2011

20 week update!

Wow! Cannot believe the babies are at 5 months! I made it to my goal at school (get through TAKS which was last week!), and now am in my final week! It's so crazy to think Friday will be my last day teaching for at least 5 years (probably forever, but you never know!) I am so sad to leave all my amazing friends at school, but it eases my mind knowing they are all 2 minutes away and i'm sure i'll see them often!!

Here's the update, followed by new furniture pics!!

how far along: 20.5 weeks
how are you measuring: probably close to 27 weeks

Size of babies: will find out weight at appt wed, but each close to a small cantelope
sleep? pretty rough....toss and turn all night, but thankfully not too tired during the day
best moment this week? that's a tie...getting our new car and getting the nursery furniture in and assembled!
movement? lots more! they are busy little bees in there!
food cravings? eating lots of eggs, mexican, and still cheese of course (esp. colby jack!) what i miss: not pregnancy related, but having several phone convos lately and getting to see one this weekend makes me miss some sweet college friends that are living out of state or out of town even more! it was SO good to catch up and laugh/reminisce on some good times!
what I'm looking forward to: first shower coming up next weekend! can't wait to see everyone and celebrate Londyn, Layton, and Lance
how are you feeling? bittersweet about my last few days at work, but ready for the rest!

Pics of the nursery-in-progress :)



  1. You make me feel like such a slacker. haha Even though I know you don't have as much "active" time left as I do... Geez you've got it all together girl :)

    I love that rocker. Where's that from??

  2. Yay for staying home next year. I figured you were considering a our teacher salary probably wouldn't even pay for 3 in childcare. I'm staying home next year too!! And just like you, atleast for 5 years, but hopefully forever!!