Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Toy for Mommy!

Well, after lots of research and thought (on tim's part of course!), we finally found the perfect "triplet-mobile"!  Initially, I wanted a tahoe, but quickly realized there was zero trunk space, so that was ruled out!  Suburbans were next, but we didn't feel as comfortable driving those as the next ones, so they were out too.  That left us with Armada and Expedition EL (extended length).  They are both beautiful and packed with awesome features, but we finally decided to bite the bullet and splurge on the fully loaded expedition... It took some careful persuasion on timmy's part to convince me we "needed" all that stuff, but i'm so glad we did! 
    The craziest part to me is that EVERYTHING in can be controlled with your call, radio, navigation, finding restaurants, playing Ipod, etc.  For now i'm still getting used to that and still mostly using the touch screen on the dash.  If you accidently get a call from me from the car or i hand up on you, i'm sorry hah! I have 3 Christi's, 4 Chris's, several Alysons in my phone, so sometimes it's a guessing game who it's going to call haha!  I think my FAVORITE part however is the perforated (dotted) leather that makes for air conditioned seats!! It's perfect for houston weather, and a pregnant woman like me who could use a "cool breeze" while I sit :)  Never heard of those till now!   And the back seats are power fold with the push of a button, so i won't have to be juggling the car seats while i fold down or move anything whew!

  Another big event this week was our furniture delivery/assembly yay!!!  I'll post pics of those tomorrow...I am so happy with it and so thankful to mom and dad for taking care of it all!

I'm sure many of you enjoyed the Royal wedding yesterday...ahh the elegance and beauty was so amazing!  In honor of that, I had to pull out some old pics of our Europe trip a few summers ago!  Brought back so many memories of our time there!

Buckingham Palace (where they kissed!)

statue outside of the Palace (where we watched changing of the guards)


Trafalgar Square (where the masses gathered to watch)

Westminster Abbey

                                                                                             Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!