Sunday, June 5, 2011

25 weeks!

 Can't believe another week has gone by...time's really flying!  Here's an update:

how far along?  25 weeks
how are you measuring?  35-36 weeks
size of babies?  Almost 2 pounds each!
total weight gain  +29 pounds
stretch marks? No, not yet!! (see pics below)
sleep?  Ok, not great but getting enough. Usually lay back in bed after breakfast and stay there till at least 10 J 
 best moment this week?  seeing the 4D ultrasounds!!  movement?   YES—all 3 are very active, especially when i have the monitor on! they get a bit scared of it I think, and all start kicked at the strap hah!
food cravings? Pancakes and syrup!…I’ve been making some HungryJack 3 mornings a week! Plus LOTS of scrambled eggs to get in my protein at breakfast
what i miss:  laying out in the sun…I had been reading outside some, but dr. said heat can effect me really quickly now, so to stay inside during this hot weather!
what I'm looking forward to:  my prenatal massage this week…upper back is killing me!  And lunch with the family after church today! mom has made a Christmas dinner essentially, but ham instead of turkey....yummy!!
how are you feeling?  Overall, I am feeling great for being this far along with 3! Still can’t believe I’m not on full bed rest or in the hospital by now!  So thankful!! 
I always swore I wouldn't post any "belly pics" b/c honestly most gross me out! But several people have wanted to see it in person and I would be curious after I was looking at several pics on other triplet blogs and they had lots of stretch marks, etc at this point--I figured, hey mine's not too bad! So here's your ONE and ONLY look at what 3 babies look like :)  I won't be this open at 30 weeks I'm sure haha!!


  1. LOVE the belly pics!!
    You are so cute!!
    Not gross at all!

  2. You look GREAT for 25 weeks with triplets. I feel like I was your size at 28ish weeks, and I just have 1 growing inside of me. I bet you are REALLY feeling them move now. I think about you all the time, when Pearson moves around I just try to imagine what it would be like with 3 of him in there. I can't imagine!!