Saturday, June 25, 2011

7 months woohoo!!

Made it another week!  Honestly, if I had a penny for every time someone asks, “when are you due?” or “almost there huh?”…. I wish I knew the answer, but just have no clue!  I’d love to make it one more month to 32 weeks (that’s the avg for triplets), but even at that point they’re still 2 months early, so it’d be nice to get to 33 or more.  Not likely, but we’ll try J

father's day...even got the traditional apron
at Taste of TX...must be officially a dad!
I’m really thinking there are changes coming quickly because the last 3 times I’ve monitored contractions there has been 5 or 6 an hour.  This is technically the threshold where I would either be put on drugs to stop preterm labor or hospital bedrest.  However, since I’m not having any other big symptoms yet, the nurses are letting me stay and keep monitoring several times a day (I’m still on the Home Uterine MonitorL) for now.  I’m just hoping to make it past the weekend without increasing contractions so I could go into my dr’s office instead of admitted to hospital!
Other than that, not much to report!  I’ve been able to do quite a lot this week:  Father’s day with both families, my longest friend visiting from Dallas, celebrating anniversary, another sweet friend’s baby shower, and spending time with sisters!  So happy I was still able to be a part of all those special events!!
how far along?  28 weeks
how are you measuring?  39 weeks
size of babies?  over 2 pounds each!
total weight gain  +32 pounds
stretch marks? No…still can’t believe it
sleep? Interrupted by bathroom trips….at least 6 a night!
best moment this week?  Too many to list, see above paragraph!--got to see family and friends so much this week!!
movement?   Oh YES—all 3 are very active all the time w/ big movements!
food cravings? Nothing really, still trying to eat LOTS of meat and eggs, really anything to put on more weight
what i miss:  going with mom and sisters to Vegas this weekL  had to stay home this trip!!
what I'm looking forward to:  Maggiano’s tonight yumm and dr. appt Wednesday
how are you feeling? A LOT more tired and moving slower than normal. Also getting out of breath really quickly, and overall quite a bit more uncomfortable than usual 

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  1. So glad tht you have made it this far!! You look great!!