Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nursery is Done!!

Yahoooo!!  I honestly cannot believe everything is in it's place and organized before I'm on any bedrest!!  We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out....timmy calls it the happiest room in the house and I agree.  It's just really fits our personalities, and feels so warm & cozy :)

This was definitely a team effort since I am very limited in lifting/moving, etc.  Mom has been the biggest help (but then again anyone who knows her could have already told you that!)  She is so selfless and dedicated to doing whatever she can to make our lives easier, and I would be so lost without her!!  She truly made this all possible!  Timmy also loved his role in the room, and did awesome with installing the chair railing (w/ his dad's help), painting (with ash and al's help), hanging everything, and just being supportive of it all!

shelves were so fun to fill b/c we used several things from my old nursery and things my grandma made 26 years ago.

glad we have a big closet in's filled on the 2 sides too, and diapers stacked 6 feet high where you can't see

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