Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thankful :)

Whew!  I made it through another appointment with no change in restrictions!! I was really thinking that by 26.5 weeks i'd for sure be confined to bed (actually I always was thinking 24 weeks, but survived that!)  Although we had to wait for 2 hours (thank goodness he had his Blackberry and Iphone on him or we'd be in trouble hehe), but the actual visit was pretty quick!  Babies are all doing well, and were amazingly all head down lined up together (see photo)
         Dr. also did the 4D ultrasounds again...crazy...but the pics weren't as good as last time--they were wiggling way too much to capture it!  I hadn't gained any weight since last visit-still 151, but she didn't seem concerned about that.  I am going to up my eating frequency (if that's possible!!) b/c I know this month is really critical in getting those babies ready for delivery!  Could be in a month at this point, although she is hoping for at least 6 more weeks (which would put me at 32-33 weeks)   I wish I knew exactly when it will happen, but I'm expecting some hospital bedrest if I make it to 31 or 32 weeks--they'll try to prolong it with me there, which i'd be totally fine with considering it means less NICU time!! Then again, I could end up there next just never know!  But for now, i'm counting my blessings!
        Speaking of counting....I've also been counting my contractions unfortunately!  At least twice a day i hook my tummy up to a monitor (looks like an EKG machine), and have to lay still for an hour....if you know me, you know that's almost impossible :)   Then I send in the report to the hospital, and a nurse calls me back to report how many i's been averaging 2-3 an hour (sometimes 4 which always worries me).  Apparently this doesn't mean preterm labor yet b/c with multiples you have more than normal.  The problem is that i don't feel any of these, so they could increase without us knowing!  Praying they will stay down so i can stay home!
      And speaking of home, you may wonder what I'm filling my time with here :)  
   Here is a random list of things i'm enjoying now:
- mindless TV: Today show, KLG and Hoda, Law & Order (esp. SVU), The Voice, NCIS, etc
- catching up w/ friends and neighbors at lunches or house visits
- eating, eating, eating!! 
- working w/ mom on organizing nursery (it is 98% coming soon!) and getting all the clothes ready! 
-reading:  Shopaholic series, Beth Moore devotionals, lots of baby books!
-Seeing movies at SMG:  really recommend Super 8...and the sweet potato fries there :)
-getting manicures and pedicures :) 
-did i mention eating?  :)

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  1. I got "confined" at 29 weeks and I worked until 28 week with my triplets. It sounds like you are doing great!