Saturday, April 9, 2011

17 week update!

Happy weekend! As pretty as it looks outside right now, i think i'll be spending most of the weekend indoors b/c of the humidity! If you know me well, you know i LOVE being in the sun and don't mind sweating or going on a long run midday in the summer even, but that heat is really getting to me now!  Even the 20 minutes of recess each day leave me a bit lightheaded and feeling icky!  At least I'll be on bedrest during the heat of July, so won't have to worry about that!

This blogging thing is so new to me, as is reading other peoples.  However, i am becoming obsessed with keeping up with old/new friends that are new (or soon to be) mommies, and seeing what they are going through too!  It's esp. fun to see other triplet much to look forward to!!
balloons my sisters brought
to school after we found
 the genders...of course my kiddos
were so excited to find out!!
Anyways, mom was telling me last week I should keep a little journal during the pregnancy so i won't forget all the many things that are going on inside of me.....since i'm not much of a journal person (3 different To Do lists start flying through my head as soon as i start to write hah!), I decided to take an idea i saw on a blog recently. (hope you don't mind Katy!) Each week, she uses a "template" of question prompts, and fills in the blanks based on that week.  SO, I will try to do that each week or 2 (figure it will be an online journal for me and the babies to have in the future!)  We'll see how diligent I am with it...she's pretty amazing with posting something--recipes, shopping finds, pictures, etc.-- EVERY day!  I'm so impressed! Maybe eventually when I'm off work i can strive for that!

17 weeks

how far along?  17 weeks
how are you measuring?  25 weeks
size of babies?  5 ounces and about 5 inches each (same size a single would be at this point!)
total weight gain  +13 pounds
maternity clothes?  Sometimes. Most of my jeans i still wear, just do the rubberband trick!  I have quite a few "flowy" tops that work, but am quickly having to move to maternity only!
stretch marks? No, not yet!! 
sleep?  not good this week at all!! Every night when I go to bed I am tired, but as soon as i lay down my pulse is really fast and feels like I just downed a frappucino! Usually takes an hour to fall asleep, then I wake up around 1 or 2 and come in the den for a snack/meal!  I have been averagint 5 hours a night, which is crazy considering at the beginning of the preg it was around 8 or 9 hours!  Dr. said it's probably a combo of stress and changes in the tummy!
 best moment this week?   finding out the genders!!! I'm SO excited we found out all 3 this early...really didn't expect to do that! Of course we are thrilled with the outcome, and it was so neat to share the news with our parents--it's all of their first grandchildren, so super fun!
movement?   not a whole lot yet! the girl's head is RIGHT next to my belly button--so crazy to figure out what that "hard thing" was when we had the ultrasound 
food cravings? nothing too specific this week....just very hungry still! Eating lots of cheese still, along with peanut butter, breakfast foods (esp eggs!), and lemonade!
what i miss:    working out! it's so hard for me to not even be able to do walks or yoga! fitness has always been a huge passion for me, and it's so weird to not have set foot in a gym for 5 months!
what i'm looking forward to:  a fun day with my hubby....Studio Movie grill, dinner at Brio, etc 
how are you feeling?  can't complain!  have to sit down a lot more at school (hard to do with my busy 3rd graders!), and definitely exhausted by 4:00, but nothing too hard to handle!
Laur +3 

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  1. I don't mind one bit!! It wasn't my original idea anyway. I stole it off of someone else's blog!! I think that's what blogs are for. Stealing/borrowing other people's fun ideas!!