Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a story to share...

Not much to report on the baby front this week (it's an off week for appointments) except I felt the "quickening" movements of them for the first time Sunday, and have each day since then!  It's such a cool feeling....exactly as i heard it described--- little bubbles or butterflies fluttering.  It's mostly been the boy on my left side....he must be crowded or something haha!  

I wanted to share with you a beautiful story a friend sent me a while back (thanks Elizabeth!).  It really touched me after my painful experience last year, and i'm hoping it will do the same for some of you!

It's a part from the true book "Heaven is For Real" that documents a four year old's trip to Heaven during surgery.  Anyways, in a part of it the child who went to Heaven runs up to his mom and says, "I have TWO sisters." He only had one sister so his mom replied, "no, honey, you have one." He responded with, "no, mommy. You had a baby before me but she died in your tummy. She hugged me in heaven and told me that she's excited about you and daddy coming up to meet her one day. She has brown hair just like you and looks just like (his sister)" the mom asked him if she had a name and he said, "no, she said that y'all hadn't named her yet."
The mom had never told her son about the baby before him, hadn't named it yet, and had never known the sex of the baby. It was amazing closure for her to know that her child was in Heaven, excitedly waiting for her, and immediately knew her siblings.

Isn't that amazing!?  Sometimes we can learn so so much from looking at things through children's eyes. I know I learn way more from my students than I ever imagined!

On a different note, I had to recommend a really neat place if you're looking for something new and different! It makes a great couples date night, or girls night out, etc.  Pinot's Palette has 3 locations in houston....Galleria, Montrose, and Katy (convenient for us!)   You bring your own wine and snacks/dinner, and they guide you through a painting (see ours attached and especially note timmy's trees ha), all for about $40-50 a person.  It was really fun and something unique!  Just wanted to share....they book up pretty quickly for the good paintings, so check the calendar on the site if you're interested!

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  1. I did that same painting at the Montrose location! You look absolutely amazing and have that glow :)