Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a princess and 2 all-stars!!

I'm so happy to say that today we found out the genders of all 3~~~~  we're having a GIRL and 2 BOYS!!!  So so so excited!!  I got exactly what I wanted (both!!) and if you remember I actually made this prediction months ago!  And my sweet grandpa even had a vivid dream recently in which we had that exact line-up, so God was really preparing us I guess!!  All I know is that girlie is going to be one little princess and mommy's best friend, and the boys will tear it up on the same baseball/football/soccer team with coach dad!!   I think the mix is just perfect for our family!!

Here are a few pics from today... I color coded the boys/girl :)  Yes, a bit OCD I know!

 Still can't believe we found out today!!  All looked really good, and were 5 ounces each!  Dr. said that's the size of what singletons would be at this point, so that was good to hear!  That's one of the good parts about going every 2 weeks and having a high tech ultrasound each time...really get to see the growth and detailed fun!!

Thanks for all your prayers!!  We are so blessed by being able to share our joy with all of you!!

Laur +3

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