Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a good report! :)

Hi friends! Well, had another appointment today (I don't know how people wait a month between them and not have an ultrasound each time! that I've been going every 2 weeks even that seems like a long time to not see my babes!)   Anyways, everything was good!  They have shifted up higher in my tummy (guess they were getting crammed below), and all were growing!   The BEST news I got was that I can for sure keep working till May 6th, maybe even the next week depending on how I'm doing!!  I was so worried she might say I needed to stop right at 20 weeks which would be next Friday, and I'm just not ready to be home full time yet!  This week I've felt great (although last week not so much!), so i want to stay there as long as I can.  However there was a condition....she said i HAVE to be laying down when I get home each evening, and not be doing much outside of work.   I told her I will cut out (or back heh) on my Target trips as long as I could aim for May 13th!!  She agreed (although mom and timmy aren't too happy about that and think it may be pushing it....we'll just play it by ear i guess!)

Today was also a GREAT day b/c my kiddos absolutely spoiled me at school!  One of the sweet moms got a very very generous collection together from both classes, and made the most adorable "Baby" cake pops you have ever seen (pics to come I promise!).  We had a blast opening their precious gifts, and looking through the precious scrapbook she put together of all the "predictions for babies" my kids wrote/drew about.  It's crazy to start seeing things with their names put on clothes, bibs, etc...makes it all SO real!!  I cannot thank you enough are the most generous and gifted person, and I am beyond blessed to have you!  Can't even describe how amazing my sweet kids are...I hope everyone can experience that much joy from their job on a daily basis!

Overall, can't complain at all!  It's been a smooth ride so far, and as my Dr keeps telling me to do...I'm "just enjoying it" till the rough patches come!
There was a lady sitting next to us today who was already 31 weeks and still looked good/seemed somewhat comfortable--of course she's on full bed rest, but still that was really encouraging! 
Hope you are all doing well....thanks so much as usual for all the sweet words and prayers you're sending our way!  Love you!

Laur +3

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  1. Hey Lauren!! This is Courtney Tolson Griffin, and I tried to send you a message on facebook but we weren't friends yet. First--CONGRATULATIONS on being a mommy to 3 little babies!!! That is so exciting and I love love love your blog!! I just moved my photography business from Dallas to Houston. I would love to talk to you about a maternity/newborn/"growth chart" special. I would absolutely LOVVVVEEEE to take pics of your sweet family!! If you have a chance when you're home resting--check out my website or send me an email!! CourtneyGriffinPhotography [at]

    I hope to hear from you soon. Congrats again! You are the cutest pregnant woman ever. :)