Saturday, March 5, 2011

little gymnasts at 12 weeks!

Happy weekend!  Well, we had another appointment, and all looked great!  They were squirming around and dancing like crazy in there!

3 peas in a pod :)

baby c--always swaying hands around
baby a--doing a headstand! hey, whatever
is comfy in there!
baby b--his/her cord was moving like crazy..
guess they were hungry
 Not only were their heartbeats all good (180s), but the ultrasound tech was 99% sure of the sex of 2 of them (not completely sure on "baby a" because of the headstand position). Not to get into too much detail, but apparently at this point they have a "tail" that either sticks out or up depending on boy/girl, and she could clearly see the direction!  I think it's still pretty early to say, but the dr. even said that the specialists we see next week may be able to confirm....that would be so fun!  Of course, we're not announcing it yet till more certain, but let's just say i was VERY happy with her prediction.

Also, this week we did the big "reveal" at school!  I'll post the video a bit later, but it was so fun to see everyone super surprised!!  I'm so blessed to be at such an amazing school--can't even express how much support, love, and encouragement it provides me with everyday!! I'm lucky enough to work with both my sisters, and my close friends!!  So amazing!

that's all I've got for now....still feeling yuck!  Timmy had the flu earlier this week, so I was "quarantined" to my parents house for a few days, only to end up with a virus later in the week!  Just trying to keep the fever down, but so thankful it's not the flu!  Have a wonderful day!!

Still smiling,
Laur + 3   :)


  1. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! And, based on those heart beats... I have a feeling I know the gender of Baby B and C, too... and I'd be just as excited!! :) :) :) Can't wait to find out more- I can't even imagine how EXHAUSTED you are growing THREE babies- take care of yourself!!

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