Sunday, March 13, 2011

bump update!

Happy spring break to all you wonderful teachers out there :)  Cannot believe it's already that time!!  I'll be spending most of my time either at the Med Center or recovering on the couch....Dr. wants to do a surgery this week called a Cerclage....basically just means he will be putting some stitches in my cervix to keep them in there longer!  Apparently it's very common to do in a triplet pregnancy b/c the weight of the babies makes it open up sooner, leading to very preterm labor. (sorry TMI I know!)  This is just a precaution, and will hopefully help me last longer!  I'm not complaining....turned out to be the perfect week to do it!!  Speaking of babies...they are growing as you can see here:

A lot happened since last post, so let me update you...
-had to do the 3 hour glucose test (booooo) b/c I didn't pass the 1 hour. Gest. Diabetes is very very common in multiples, so dr wouldn't be surprised if it comes out positive.  But for now i'm still enjoying all the many carbs and sugar that i always have :) oh ya, along with lots more meat/beef to try and up my iron!
-met with the perinatal specialist group....they said all 3 were developing well, but also filled me with even more fears as he went through a super long list of all the problems if they come too early!
-had my first experience with heartburn hah after a fabulous meal at Carrabbas...i'm sure it was the goat cheese or fett. Alfredo, but oh so worth it!!
-timmy and i got a TON of work done clearing out the nursery!  Took a car full of things to katy christian ministries, and put the rest out on the's amazing how cathartic a good organizing/throw away session is!
- got started on our fun, but overwhelming when you have to scan most items THREE times each hah!

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!



  1. Hope you're enjoying the break. I know I am!
    Have you decided where you are registering at yet?