Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Stitched Up!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! I got to enjoy a green drink of my own thanks to Kel and Darcie!  Don't's just fresh lemonade from Chic-fil-a that they brought me!  yummy!!!

Well, still recovering from the surgery yesterday, but i can't complain...overall everything went well!  When I saw the specialists last week, she wanted to put in a cerclage before i got too far along.  THis is done alot with triplets since they have 3 times the weight pressing down on the cervix, causing it to open early, leading to dangerously preterm labor. This should keep those babies in for longer, so of course we were all in favor of it!  Tim, mom, and i arrived at the med center bright and early (5 am!), and were able to leave recovery by 11!  I have really loved TX Women's...everyone was so nice and made me feel at ease throughout all the procedures, anesthesia, etc.  The last time I had a full out surgery like that was my D&C after the miscarriage which was a really rough day, so it helped so much to go into this with a totally different mindset and realizing it was all for a very good cause!   I slept most of the day, and haven't had too much pain...just a little soreness and drowsy from the meds! Mom and timmy are the best nurses and caregivers anyone could want!  I'm SO lucky to have them!!

Now to the fun stuff....I have been SO spoiled already with precious little clothes! (we still don't know the genders, so most are neutral for now) Thought you might want a sneak peek...

kathy is spoiling me too of course!

precious ducky sets from mom

precious preemies from kel!!
  love love this shirt in a care package from Court!! wish you were here!! 
obsessed with these sweaters from Pam-
she has been an AMAZING and generous
 resource since the beginning!

That's just a little peek...the closet is literally FULL of things already ha!  Thanks so much everyone for loving on these babies!!  It's SO fun to see the tiny tiny sets of 3!!

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