Saturday, March 26, 2011

About Halfway There!!!

Yes, you read that right!  I'm 15 weeks, which for triplets is almost half way there (I will be happy if I make it to 32 weeks, but even 30 would be ok although not best).   I had another visit this week (I'll be going every 2 weeks and have an ultrasound every time woohoo!), and all the little peanuts looked so good!  One was even sucking on his/her thumb!!  It's just so incredible to see such vivid images and think about them being inside of me...truly a feeling I could have never imagined! 

I am still loving my perinatologist!  Dr. Hare was highly highly recommended by the wisest triplet momma I know (Pam Stone!), so I am lucky to have gotten in with her!  She makes me feel so good about the progress, and keeps reassuring me to relax and enjoy the pregnancy (while it's still somewhat easy).  She said everything looks good so far, just to continue to eat eat eat and try to gain more here at the beginning especially.  With triplets it's very important to gain early, and "store up" for later since they won't be in my tummy during the last few months when most of the growth occurs with a single baby.  Dr didn't try to even guess the genders yet b/c she doesn't want to go back on any of them later, but we should know for sure by the next appt!  Surprisingly, I'm not too anxious about finding out--i guess since there will probably be one of each so I can't complain there! 

One of my biggest goals before bedrest starts is to have the nursery completed! After doing lots of crib/furniture shopping with mom and dad last weekend, then deciding for sure on the bedding and paint colors, we are well on the way!  And the men are installing the chair railing in that room as I type, so hopefully painting will be done in a few weeks too!

Here is a picture of the bedding set.... it's called "bumble" and is mostly butter yellow and light gray!  My favorite part i think is the mobile---little crocheted cute!!  I liked this set b/c it's definitely gender neutral without being too boyish, and has the modern feel (grays, etc), but also still very traditional!

 I took a big step towards looking more like a mommy (hehe) and chopped all my hair off!  Those of you that have known me awhile have seen it gradually get shorter and shorter after years of being so long, but this was still a big step for me haha! And knowing how observant of EVERYTHING my sweet 3rd graders are, you can only imagine how much talk of it there was at school yesterday ha! It feels really refreshing, so i'm glad i did it!

Well, I'm off to bake some lemon bars for our school carnival and bake sale today! The kids are so excited (and secretly so am I :))  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Laur +3  :)

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