Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

So far, pregnancy has been really wonderful for me (knock on wood!).  here are are few (random) things that i'm enjoying right now... (this list may totally change in a few months haha!)

1. not worrying about keeping such a big secret anymore
2. cheese, cheese, and more deli drawer in the fridge has about 20 different packages of it now haha!
3. watching my bump grow with each week :)
4. all of the generous people at school passing down clothes and other treasures to me (thanks SO SO much Pam, Ellie, Kristin, and Coby)
5.  Getting to spend a lot more time with mom...don't know what i'd do without her!!
6. watching my little peanuts squirm around on the ultrasounds...really puts it all in perspective when you actually See them inside you!
7. Eating Whatever i want, whenever i want (for now....hoping my 3 hour glucose screen this morning comes out ok so i don't have to get a dietician yikes!)
8.  Kraft or Velveeta Mac'n'cheese.... sadly i can seriously polish off a box (sometimes more)on my own...ask timmy poor thing
9.  Shopping for lots of new clothes for me, but especially for the babies!
10. Reading up on everything about multiples....think my book collection has grown to about 10 books...thanks so much Court and Mom for adding to that!!
11.  Getting to share this joy with my amazing family, friends, and the precious 8 year olds i love that are so concerned with their teacher each day!
12.  Growing closer to my Lord...trusting in Him for every step of the way. getting up extra early has been a blessing to have longer quiet times :)

Sorry I have no pics to share :(  Should have some tomorrow after the first visit with the Perinatal Specialists.  Feeling really good now!   Still have to sit down during the day more than i'd like to, but overall i can't complain....well except for the 3 hour glucose test today!  Had to go fasting (didn't get to eat until 17 hours after last night!), and then get blood drawn 4 times....not too fun!  But at least it's overwith and hopefully the last time!!  I was kinda expecting to fail the first one hour one, then do this followup b/c the dr. said most women with triplets end up with Gestational Diabetes.  Just one of those things, but it's all worth it!

love you all,
Laur +3

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