Sunday, February 27, 2011

drumroll please.....

Ok, after prompting from many people, I have finally given in and taken "bump" pictures!  I was waiting awhile, but after making several more maternity purchases this weekend (on top of all the really cute stuff mom already got me and the awesome hand-me-downs from ellie--thanks yall!) I realized it is time!    So here is me at 11 weeks...



ok, before you judge that I'm already showing (most singleton pregnancies don't start to show until around 14 weeks), keep in mind that my uterus w/ 3 is actually 8-10 weeks ahead of normal (TMI I know sorry!)  According to the books i've been reading, I should probably be gaining more weight (some said 15 pounds by 10 weeks!  that didn't happen ha!), but the Dr said it seems to be ok for now....I'm eating a TON and of course can't workout AT ALL, so I'm sure the weight will come soon enough!

But for in case you can't see the bump yet (which is definitely there!), keep in mind this is what my poor tummy was before :

So on that note, i'll go try to find a dress that still fits for a wedding we have this afternoon...looks like a flowy one is in order!  

Thanks so much to all of you for all the sweet emails, calls, and messages of encouragement.  I honestly can't tell you how much they mean to us, and we'd be lost without your prayers and support!

my bump and all,
Laur +3


  1. OMGOSH!!!! Lauren!!!! CONGRATS!!!! HOW EXCITING! What an answered prayer! Mike and I will be praying for you, Tim and your 3 little ones! SO HAPPY for you guys!

  2. Congratulations! I am so glad to hear the babies are healthy and moving around.

  3. You are TOO cute!! I am looking forward to following your precious blog! LOVE IT! You look beautiful and I'm so glad those babies are doing so well:)