Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Save the Date...

Drumroll please….We’ve scheduled the delivery for NEXT Friday, (aug 12) which is just a day shy of 35 weeks! WAY past our goal and expectations.   BUT let me preface that by saying there are huge chances  we won’t make it till then and have them by 34 weeks.  Doctor (and me) is totally ok with that & not worried if they were to arrive tomorrow!
The past 2 days have been somewhat eventful and informational, so let me give you a rundown of it:
Monday:  (33 weeks, 2days)
 Went to hospital to get the 1st of the awful steroid shots (these help boost the babies’ lungs).  This was even more painful than my weekly shots of progesterone—ouch!!!   When we got to the L&D Testing room, found out dr requested a non-stress test of the babies (see photo hah!), and they all looked good on the graphs measuring the rise/fall of heartrates and how they respond to contractions, etc
Next had an appt with perinatologist dr and discussed my increasing amount of contractions over the past week.  Most nights I have to remonitor b/c of going over the threshold…usually having close to 1 every 5 minutes.  She said since everything else looks good, we’re going to try and stretch it out as long as possible!  That’s when she set the date for aug 12th with an understanding that they could come tomorrow or the weekend or whenever….nothing  but time will tell!  Most likely i'll be spending several days in the hospital before delivery just to keep a tight handle on things.  Not sure when though.
Tuesday: (33 wks, 3 days)--hey every Day counts at this point :)
Went back to hospital to get last steroid shot and another non-stress test on the babies.  Once again when we got there we found out more fun stuff the dr wanted to do hah!  Apparently since the monitor nurses called her the past 2 nights about my going way over threshold even after remonitoring, she decided we better be on “high alert” from now on.
SO, they did a fetal fibronectin test (which detects labor) and I passed!  Then a cervix exam and everything looked good (having the cerclage early on helped that I’m sure!) 
Besides the good news of not checking in for good, a highlight of that visit was several compliments of my “beautiful belly” from the nurses.  They said they hadn’t seen a triplet one that “pretty” before, and wanted to know how I didn’t have any stretchmarks or discoloration.  I can thank Mom and good genes for that b/c they said essentially it’s all from genetics no matter what people will tell you about lotions, oils,etc. 
While they had all the babies hooked up to monitors, one of the Neonatologists (NICU doctors) came in and met with us—so glad she did!  She went over everything that will go on from the time they are born until they leave.  I won’t go over all the details (mom took about 10 pages of notes for us!!), but basically we found out which tubes would go where, the issues that would most likely occur, etc. so that we aren’t too scared when we see those tiny babes covered in equipment for days/weeks.  Speaking of time…she said if I delivered today it would be close to a 3 week stay, but if they make it till next Friday, possibly just 1-2 weeks!!  There will definitely still be issues with breathing, feeding, body temps, etc even at 35 weeks, but the time will be significantly reduced!  I feel so much better after talking about it all…even though now I’m much more aware of everything that COULD happen, she seemed so positive about the fact that we’d made it this far (developmental delays & long-term problems are very rare at this point).
Sorry for the long explanation (I could go on for a few more pages actually with all the info we got today), but it’s easier to get it all out here than explain over the phone/email to lots of people!!  So now basically it’s a waiting game (nurse today said hours, days, or a week+) to when Londyn, Layton, and Lance will make their debut…  Can’t wait!  Love you all!

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