Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 Weeks Old!

Well, time sure flies when you're having fun....or changing 40 diapers a day hah!  The trio is now 2 weeks old, and we are enjoying being a complete family!  Londyn has been home a week, and the boys both came home Sunday. Still can't believe they were all released within 1.5 weeks! 

They have remained tiny and definitely preemies (still over a month away from due date), but with each day they are developing more and fun to watch!  We are definitely exhausted, but taking it day by day with the help of mom staying here, and lots of other family pitching in at feedings, etc. So blessed!

 We had their first appt with the doctor since leaving the NICU, and they did really well!  Took a bit longer than normal to get everyone dressed, loaded, and unloaded, but once we got there hardly had any cries :) 

Here are a few more more pics of the babes since we've had them here :)
Lance Craig
Layton Jack
Londyn Grace

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  1. 40 diapers a day??? Wow, that's an entire jumbo pack!! Glad they are all home and healthy. I love Lance's little face in that picture by himself. Precious!!