Saturday, July 30, 2011

33 weeks wow!!!

WAHOOOO!!!  We are SO shocked, but thrilled to still be hanging on (at home!) at 33 weeks!!   It’s definitely getting harder all the time, but every day I can hold off is huge at this point!!
Here’s a quick update from our appointment on Wednesday:
- babies all growing still:  3lbs 13oz, 4lbs 3oz,  3 lbs 10 oz.  Our dr really wants them all to get to 4 before they arrive.  usually weights end up being overestimated before birth anyways.
- She’s not sure how much time I have left, so I’m getting the series of steroid shots for the babies’ lungs at the hospital on Monday and Tuesday.  If I were to go into labor before then, they could probably still get one or 2 shots in, but let’s just hope we don’t have to do that!
- On mon, she’ll make the decision if we need to schedule the C-section for this week or try to make it till next (which would be 34 weeks and aug.8,9, or 10)
- Monday we’ll also meet with one of the Neonatologists who will be taking care of the babies while in NICU
- At this point, she isn’t concerned about them arriving any day….they will be in level 2 NICU regardless, but she can’t predict what types of problems they’ll have in there (breathing, feeding, sucking, etc)
-so far, my cervix isn’t becoming an issue (lots of times with multiples it shortens early).  I’m so thankful now that I had the cerclage surgery at 13 weeks because it seems to have really helped
So basically we’re prepared for either this week or next, and totally happy with that!   Physically I’m starting to finally feel the aches, pains, fatigue, etc that I had honestly expected all along!  The contractions are still very frequent  (I’ve been having what normal pregnancies would consider the start of their labor for months now), but are now more painful than just intense tightening.   We’re trying to control them with the progesterone shots each week and oral meds throughout the day, but dr said they will continue to increase b/c of the very cramped space!  
Thanks so much again for all your support and prayers!  Hopefully we’ll have some more good news to report after the appointment on Monday!

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