Saturday, August 20, 2011

Londyn's all settled in!

Thursday was a big day for our baby girl...she came home!!  At only 8 days old and still weighing under 4 pounds, this little fighter surprised everyone including us!  She was the first one to move out of her incubator into the open crib, then continued to maintain her temps, oxygen, and feeding, beating her brothers home!

Of course we were thrilled, but I think my sisters were even more excited b/c they haven't even been able to hold her while she was in the NICU, and have been waiting 9 months for this moment :)  Londyn's also had fun visits from her other "adopted" aunts- Kelley, Darcie, and Christi (more pics to come!)

She has been SUCH an easy, calm baby so far.  If not for waking her up to do feedings every 3 hours, you'd hardly know she is here...just a few cute little noises occasionaly, but her lungs must be too tiny to cry much yet!

The hardest part is balancing our time with her, and that of traveling back and forth each day to the med center to see and feed her brothers.  At least we know she's in good hands with mom (Cee Cee).  When we came back one day, mom had her all dressed up for us :)

Layton and Lance are still doing really good....both out of the incubators and keeping levels stable. We though Layton was coming home Friday, but he didn't pass his nicu carseat test (they stay connected to all their monitors while sitting in their carseat which is SO huge for them right now.  His oxygen dropped at one point, so he barely failed).   IF he can retest and pass, he'll come home tomorrow.  Lance has to maintain temps in the open crib a bit longer, then take his test, but it's possible he could be discharged tomorrow too!

**I want to thank sweet Christi Corbin for setting up a fabulous meal calendar, and also to all of you who have signed up or already brought by delish dinners!  We appreciate it SO much, and are so thankful to have one less thing to worry about during the chaos of all 3 being home!  Yall are blessing us more than you know!!

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