Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

The babies are here!!!  I'm finally getting a few free minutes to type, so i'll make it quick and then post more later!
 Let's start from the night before:   Dr. had me check in and stay the night at the hospital just to start all the monitoring, meds, etc since surgery would get started early wednesday.  Had several visitors come by that night and before the delivery to reassure me!  Come 4:30am, we were very unrested, but so ready to go!!

On August 10, at 6:48, 6:49, and 6:50 am our 3 new loves made their debut!! Here is them first meeting the world:
Lance Craig  4lbs   17 in

Layton Jack   4lbs, 6oz    17in

Londyn  Grace  3 lbs, 9oz     16 in

While dr was finishing up on me, they whisked them away to stabilize and show daddy.  Amazingly, there weren't any "Huge" issues that required immediate action, so I was able to hold 2 of them while still on the operating table. 

Lance needed oxygen and had to go under the hood, but i still got to touch him through the incubator!

While I was in recovery, the took all 3 to our waiting families for a quick view on the way to the Nicu, then grandparents were able to go see them up there.

Since they made it to 34.5 weeks, we weren't expecting any life threatening issues upon birth, but definitely thought they'd need some help breathing, feeding, etc.  Amazingly, only Lance needed oxygen!  They still have to have lots of monitors on fully time, along with IVs and a few other tubes, but we were SO happy with the way they arrived!
We were even able to have our sisters go visit for a bit that day, then later I was able to be wheeled up to hold them!

Over the next few days, babies have continued to grow and do well!  They are all feeding on their own, and only Londyn still has her IV in her head for extra nutrients.  They've dropped to below 4 pounds, but that's to be expected. 

Timmy has been staying full time in my room even though we don't get ANY sleep, but he has been an amazing daddy with the trio, and a HUGE help to me! There's no way I could pump every 2 hours or be able to visit them as much as I do if he weren't here!  It has been SO hectic and we've had probably a total of 2-3 hours of sleep each night, but we couldn't ask for anything more!  Between dr visits, nurse consults, lots of family and friends visiting, pumpings, feedings, and just holding our loves, we don't have any spare time to rest, but i'd take that anyday over not having londyn, layton, and lance!

Our families have also been so amazing with taking care of us, doing feedings, and spoiling their first grandbabies already!!
I'll be staying until Sunday, but we have no idea yet when the babies will come home. 

LOTS more pics to come, but we have to go up to Nicu now!


  1. LOVE the update. LOVE the pics. LOVE the babies! God is so good! Congrats, sweet parents! :)

  2. Praise the Lord that they all arrived safe. Praying that they keep growing strong in the NICU and that you guys can go home soon as your FAMILY OF 5!!