Thursday, October 20, 2011

stats update :)

Well, I'm going to do some back tracking...while I was pregnant, I did occasional "stats" updates about weights, progress, etc.  I had really enjoyed reading those types of things on other mommy blogs, and plus it really helped me keep a record of it to look back on, so I'm glad I did it.  I never really thought about doing that for the babies once they arrived, but I saw it on a friend's blog (Katy Link you are an amazing blogger and organized new mommy...don't know how you do it!), so I decided to borrow the idea again!  Since they are now over 2 months, I'm doing a quick recap, then promise to be more on top of it and keep up monthly.

Birth Stats
- Londyn 3lbs  11oz   16 ½”
 -Layton  4lbs, 6oz   17”
- Lance 4lbs  17”

Born at 34 ½ weeks….August 10, 2011
Stayed in NICU 11 days (boys) and 8 days (Londyn)


One month Stats

- Londyn 5lbs 2 oz, 18 ½”
 -Layton  6lbs 7oz,  19 ¾”
- Lance   5 lbs 14oz,  19”

Eating: mostly Formula, some Breastmilk (I’m pumping, but they will never be able to nurse well since they had to be on bottles as preemies in the NICU to gain enough weight)
Bedtime/ Awake: don’t have certain times since they eat every 3 hours
Sleeping:  in their pack’n’plays/ bassinets in the den where we are with them always…makes it so much easier to watch and get to them.  For “naps” after feedings they use their infant chair/rockers or our swings
Diapers:  Preemies (pampers swaddlers). Although I quickly realized I ordered WAY too many boxes…probably enough to last 6 months and they surely won’t be in preemies long….oops L
Clothes:  preemies…mostly onesies, and always swaddled—Aden and Anais gauze ones are the best!!
Favorites:  they are still considered preemies at this point, so mostly love to sleep!, meeting all their family and friends/ having lots of visitors from in and out of town, being held and snuggling
Mommy’s “helpers”:  bottle fridge, our life saver moms—Cee Cee stays days/nights full time during the week, and Granna stays weekend nights. Boppies so I can pump and bottle feed at the same time, LOTS of family coming to help and hold, the Care Calendar that Christi set up…having meals has been an absolute life saver!  

2 month Stats

- Londyn 8lbs 10 oz,  21 ¼ “
 -Layton   10 lbs 9oz,  22”
- Lance  10lbs 9oz,  21 ¼ “

Eating: mostly Formula, some Breastmilk (I’m still pumping, but they don’t nurse)
Bedtime/ Awake: not yet…still don’t really have a night and day b/c they eat every 3 hours
Diapers: finally graduated to newborn size!
Clothes: Londyn’s still in some preemies, but they’re mostly all in newborns or 0-3 months
Favorites:  pacifiers (only can do the Soothie kind from NICU, although they still can’t hold them in very well L), Boppy, going on walks, the “big swing” (My Little Lamb FP version…amazing at soothing Lance!!), being held, the Sleep Sheep in bed
Dislikes: getting fed after the other 2 if we don’t have enough hands, losing their paci, having hands inside swaddle

Latest Tricks: staying awake/alert instead of sleeping so much, making more eye contact, Layton found his thumb to suck on, Londyn loves her tongue, Lance swats at the turtle on his little chair J

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