Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 months old

Happy 3 month birthday to my precious sweet peas!!  It's been another great month, and I can't believe how much they've grown!  They are so much more active and it definitely is getting harder and more demanding, BUT also so much more rewarding!  It's amazing to see their progress and watch personalities start to shine! 

3 month Stats

Weight:  (taken using our scale…we go to dr. tomorrow and will get exacts)
- Londyn 10 lbs
 -Layton   12 lbs
- Lance  12 lbs

Eating: mostly Formula, some Breastmilk (I’m officially done pumping on Monday yay!!!)  Still eat every 3 hours during the day

Bedtime/ Awake: sometimes sleeping for longer stretches at night (5-7 hours), but usually still have several middle of night feedings

Diapers:  Londyn is in newborns still, boys are in size 1
Clothes: all are wearing newborns, and boys in some 0-3 months

Likes:  being held and sung to, going on shopping outings, pacis, swinging

Latest Tricks: lots of SMILES and laughs!!  Layton and Lance are our Mr. Smileys, and are really showing us their personalities more and more!  Londyn is still a lot more quiet and reserved, but she has her happy faces at times too!  The boys are getting strong and like to stand on our lap and have rolled onto their backs from tummy time.  All 3 have been recognizing us often and enjoying more interactions!


This has been another fun and busy month for our family!  Here are a few pics of what we've been up to:

LOTS of family at our baby dedication...such a special day!

one of many weddings we had fun at this month


celebrating paw paw's 88th birthday! 

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