Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Babies!!

Time is flying by, and the babies are 10 weeks old!  It's been quite a busy past month full of many visitors, family/friend events, and LOTS of growing (probably because we are doing feedings 75% of the day hah!)

On weekends the babies always have lots of fun visits from precious friends and family!
Then this week was especially busy for them:

Monday I took the babies to my old school to meet all my incredible co-workers and sweet friends!! It was a teacher work day (so no kids there), and worked out perfectly to stop by during their lunch.  I loved getting to introduce them to the place and people that meant SO much to me over the past 4 years!

Tuesday was the dreaded 2 months doctor appointment….SHOTS!  Poor babies got 3 in their legs and one orally L  They cried hard right after, but were ok a few minutes later! I'm glad these are done now so we can get out of the house without having to worry as much!
The boys weighed 10.5 pounds wow! Definitely catching up to normal babies..only took 2 months ha! Little Londyn is still only 8lbs, and smaller than 95% of babies her age poor thing...she's gonna be a petite little gal!

Wednesday we had another fun visit from their great-grandparents (love having them so close!!), and from my sweet neighbor.
Friday we took them out to Dee Dee’s house to meet all her bridge friends who have followed their journey from day one with the proud great-grandma! 
Then unfortunately we had to go BACK to the doctor to get another set of shots….this is one we weren’t sure they’d qualify for (have to meet certain conditions as preemies, multiples, etc), but are so glad they did.  It’s to prevent RSV…supposedly if “normal” babies or adults get it, it’s just a bad cold, but if the low birth weight preemies get it, it can be deadly and really scary.

Saturday Londyn and I made our first girls shopping trip J while the boys stayed home and watched the Aggies with Daddy!  Then Tim and I went to a wedding reception and got to have some “grown-up” time away from the babies.  They were in good hands though with their aunts and their beaus.

Overall, we are doing great!!  Babies are getting a lot more active, smiling, and still sweet as sugar J  Mom, Tim, and I don’t get much sleep yet b/c they are still eating every 3-4 hours all day/night,  but it’s well worth all the work…So blessed J J J



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