Wednesday, September 28, 2011

our first playdate :)

Happy birthday to my amazing friend and new mommy Darcie!!  Our babies were born 11 days apart, and it has been SO much fun sharing this new journey and the pregnancy with her!    It really helps to have another first timer that is also closeby and a close friend...thanks for all your constant love and encouragement Darc!  Love you!!

Kally and Londyn are already best friends :)
Everyone came over to our house to celebrate her bday since it's hard to get out with all these little ones, and the babies' "aunt" kel also came in town to see them all!  Such a fun night!

good thing we have 3 to go around :)


Londyn is always so calm & peaceful

Layton is quite the entertainer


Lancey is a little more shy

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