Saturday, September 10, 2011

Babies are One Month old!

WOW! I seriously cannot believe they have already been here a month!  Time has seriously flown by (as I'm sure you've noticed with my lack of blog posts...not a lot of free time!)

We have enjoyed every minute with them, but things are getting a lot busier quickly!  Now that they are staying awake more often, have better developed lungs (hence louder cries!) and are almost "normal" newborn size....things are crazy!

One of the best things about being home from the NICU is being able to have all the people that we love so much come see the babies!!  We are HUGELY blessed to live so close to lots of our family and friends, and they have all been so wonderful with Londyn, Layton, and Lance!

Here is a glimpse of some of our many visitors over the past few weeks! (there's rarely a day when we don't have someone stopping by, but we love it!)

Many of our sweet coworkers and neighbors have gotten to meet the trio when they brought by dinner, etc. So thankful for all those yummy meals during the crazy evening hours! Yall are amazing!!

Lots more pics to come later....for now I need to go feed these sleepy babies (again :))

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