Saturday, July 23, 2011


Not a whole lot to report--except making it to 32 weeks WOOHOO, despite the ever increasing contractions.  Had 8-10 an hour a few nights, and the monitor nurse even called the dr around 10 last night when I had re-monitored and still had 8.  But thank the Lord we are STILL home and truckin’ on!
This week I wanted to “answer” some of the frequently asked questions tim and I get (or some that I know people are thinking and just don’t want to ask!)  Questions are implied, I’ll just post answers…
-NO, we did not do Invitro, IUI, or any of those artificial inseminations
-NO, we did not “plan to” or “want” triplets, but YES of course we are thrilled to be having them!!
-YES, I plan on breastfeeding as much as possible.  We’re getting the best of the best hospital pumps which will help, but the 8+ times a day will be rough I know!
-YES, I will be having a C-section…with triplets there is not an option otherwise.
-NO, I will not be working for awhile (possibly ever, but I think I would go crazy staying home one they go to school!)
-NO, I don’t plan on having them wear matching clothes ALL the time…probably frequently, but I’d also like to have their own personalities show once they get a bit older.  On a side note, my sisters (twins) did match 99% of the time up through 5th grade and it was adorable, although they might disagree J
- YES, the babies are in their own sacs, making them Fraternal.  There is a chance they could still look very similar to each other (esp since tim and I share many of the same features), but won’t be identical
-NO, I’m not “huge” yet….tummy definitely looks like a full term (or bigger) baby, but not as big as I was thinking with 3, and thankfully haven’t had any swelling or much weight gain in other places. I'll post a pic next week, but don't feel like getting "dressed" at the moment! ha 
-YES, we will have lots of help with the craziness!  My mom is moving in with us for awhile and will be a Huge lifesaver I know!  Also, tim’s family lives close and will be here a lot too, along with my dad, grandparents, sisters, and lots of sweet friends who are wanting to be around!  Our house will be like a hotel for awhile I’m sure…never a dull moment!
Hope that answers some of your “I wonders”!     Pray for another week (or more!) Love you all and feel SO blessed to have you in our lives!!

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