Wednesday, July 20, 2011

31.5 weeks...getting close!

We’re still going strong, believe it or not!  We had our weekly  appointment yesterday, and everything is looking good!  I brought my hospital bag just in case, but was so relieved to go home for now!  I’m not on “full” bed rest yet, and can still make an occasional outing (although most days I spend 90% of my time on the couch or in bed!)

    Dr. won’t set a delivery date b/c we really don’t know, but she’s still planning on making it through July…the 31st would be 33 weeks and an awesome goal to achieve!  Anytime after that is just a plus!  I’m still taking the meds that slow contractions, and getting shots of progesterone to relax the uterus, so hopefully those are helping!  I’m a better incubator than the ones even in the best Nicu (as dr. always says), so keep praying the babies will stay in and develop for as long as possible!!
Haven't done this update in a while (thanks for the reminder Al), so here you go:

how far along?  31.5 weeks
how are you measuring?  Around 42 weeks
size of babies?  About 3.5 pounds each (yes, that’s like a 10.5 lb baby already!)
total weight gain  +36 pounds
stretch marks? Still none…cannot believe it! 
sleep?  Not great…toss and turn to get comfy, and go to the bathroom about 6 times
 best moment this week?  Getting a good report at dr and not having to check into hospital!
movement?   YES—all 3 are very active-not so much kicks, but full body turns hah!
food cravings? Anything COLD….smoothies, fruit, dips w/ chips, ice cream, etc
what i miss this week:  shopping and errands…even a quick trip to target wears me out, and I usually have to have an escort (mom, ash, and al have been happy to accompany me to any store J)  
what I'm looking forward to:  hitting the 32 week mark on Saturday! BIG milestone for us!!
What’s bugging me: doing the contractions monitor several hours a day, then dreading having to remonitor b/c I went over my threshold L
how are you feeling?  Pretty good actually for being this far! Surprisingly enough I’m not even bored yet at home….have had so many visitors, read lots of books, shopped online for the babies, and watched enough tv/movies to last all year. But I’ve NEVER had a time like this where I had NO responsibilities or things I “should” be doing, so I guess my body is thanking me for this break and preparing me for the craziness that is to come soon!!

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