Saturday, October 13, 2012

14 month fun!

 14 Months and fabulous!!….late again, I know!

We are in absolute Heaven right now with our little loves!!  Sweet babies are thriving and SO full of life, love, and joy!! They are running around like crazy, and learning new stuff everyday!  It's so incredible to watch them discovering so much, and they are still each so unique and different!  Love to see their personalities in the details, and it makes for a new journey each day with them-- never thought I'd say this being the control freak I usually am, but I love that we never know what each day will bring!! 

Now that they are older,  very mobile, and easier to handle, our schedule has gotten pretty full hah!  Babies have been going to church, iBloom, parks, the mall, zoo, Astros game, parades, grocery shopping, football games, grandparents, etc.    I know I say it each month, but this REALLY is the most fun age so far!  They are just delightful!!

And mommy is loving that she gets to dabble in her other passion (teaching) again!-- I'm tutoring a few sweet kiddos in the evening (while daddy takes care of bath and bedtime! He cherishes that alone time with them, so sweet!) AND subbing once a week at my old school (which is amazing b/c I get to see my good friends all day, am 2 minutes from our house, and feel right at home there without all the extra work of a teacher!)  I truly feel blessed to have these opportunities to keep my "adult life", and stay mentally and socially stimulated, while still getting to be a FULL time mommy to my angels!!  God knows what he's doing, and always opens the right doors at the right time!

Favorite words/gestures:
-Answer "yesh" for yes, shake head for no
-Answer "raaaaah" when asked "what does a T-rex say" 
- Sniffs with nose when asked where is your nose
- "ah-dun" for all done
- identify ma-ma, dada, ba-ba, nite-nite
- pointing to what they want
- they can tell the difference between Dodger and Cash (know that only dodge will play "fetch" with them!) but call them both "dodge"
 - mmmuah when kissing you :)
- respond with walking/ running! to the right place when I ask if they wanna go outside, for a walk, etc

Fave Toys/Activities at the moment:  

layton:  ANY kind of cleaning item (vacuums, brooms, mops, swiffer, etc), talking on the phone-has the best conversations with himself!, SHOES--total shoe fetish and always brings them to us to put on (was in heaven when CeeCee took him to Stride Rite store yesterday :)), playing fetch with dodger

lance: pushing buttons on tv/bluray to turn off/on, remotes, anything he can figure out and manipulate--that mind is always turning and he finds anything he can, opening the childproofed cabinets, dvds-he gets so deep in thought while watching them ha!, playing at splash table, feeding himself with spoons

londyn: pushing brothers in their Cozy coupe Cars, any blankey, especially big ones!, slides at our house and the playgrounds,  chasing (and tackling) the dogs, reading books (brown bear is her fave), talking to her animals in bed, going to the park, swimming

Foods:  getting a bit pickier now, but still love cheese, pears, pasta, mac n'cheese (thank goodness for Easy Mac cups!), veggie straws

Bedtime/ Awake:  boys in bed by 7:15, Londy by 8:00….wake up at 5:15, lay back down with bottle till 6:30 usually.

Naps:  Take 2 good naps, usually at least 2 of them sleep at the same time! (meaning one is usually up with me, hence the reason I haven't blogged in forever haha!)

Diapers: size 3

Clothes: mostly 18 months,  shoes: size 4-5

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  I've decided to do more frequent, but SHORTER snipet posts b/c this was just taking too long and not getting posted very often :(
SO, be on the lookout for some catch-up posts of our Blanco family trip (see pic!), the Babies big first birthday party, and the Zoo!  Thanks for keeping up with our crazy life!

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