Thursday, January 3, 2013

the last 6 months.....

Happy New Year!!  Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and holiday time with your friends and families!! It has been So so much fun around here watching the babies soak up all of the new and exciting aspects of the season (last year they were only 4 months so couldn't do a whole lot at christmas ha!)  They are the most amazing babies ever (yes I'm biased i know!), & fill us with SO much love & laughter every minute!!

To say it's been a busy few months is an understatement--between putting our house on the market (and those dreadful showings), finding our dream home (will be moving when we sell this one), and all the holiday happenings, it's been so crazy over here!  Needless to say, I'm not able to blog during naptimes anymore--that's usually spent straightening for a showing, packing, or just staying on top of laundry, meals, etc! SO, here's a quick catch up from the last 6 months

We had a Big Birthday bash for the trio's first birthday!!  Went with a "TEAM LEVRIER" All-Star theme (sports + cheer for londy!)  and it was so fun to plan, decorate, and pull off with my mom!  Babies had a blast with so many of their family and friends who came to help us celebrate--thanks so much for making it such a special day for all of us!!

also in August, we joined all of our family, cousins, and their kiddos for an awesome trip that Dee Dee and Paw Paw arranged in Blanco. They rented out a beautiful property near Wimberly that had a cute guest house for each couple/family, private creek, pool, and a big family lodge for everyone to hang out in--so much fun!



Babies LOVED their first trip to the ZOO!!  We've already been again since then and are so happy to have a membership there--we love animals around here!!


Homecoming at Second Baptist School--so fun to see everyone and introduce the babies to some of our teachers, coaches, etc.  We loved going there for high school!!

we loved watching Johnny Football and cheering on our Ags at CeeCee & Grandads 

The Babies Love spending time with their great-grandparents, who still come play every week!

Happy Halloween!!!!  we had fun trick-or-treating on our street and to some other friends in the neighborhood!  so glad we had ash/al and their boys to help out!

voting day---not what we hoped for obviously :(

 We've enjoyed getting to host clients in the Weatherford suite at Texans and Astros games!
fun sleepovers with the aunties and Granna/Grandpa
picking out their new beta fish "Trey"

Sorry for the super lateness of this post ha!  Stay tuned for Christmas and our recent magazine article/photo shoot!
Lots of love from the LeVriers!

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