Friday, June 22, 2012

10 month Stats, plus summer pics

What a fun fun time it is in the levrier house!  Babies are full of life and energy, and keep us busy in so many ways!  But at the same time it's getting easier for me to have them on my own since they nap, eat in highchairs, hold their own bottles, etc.  We are absolutely in love, and cherish all the laughs and kisses we get (times 3).  Cannot imagine it any other way-- you know that things have gotten easier when Daddy even starts talking about wanting to have more (way in the future) haha…mommy will still need some convincing ;)  Love these babes too much to even think about another …

QUICK STATS for 10 months (late again sorry!)

Weight: (estimates)
- Londyn  19 lbs 
 -Layton   17 lbs   
- Lance  20 lbs  

Height: not sure exactly, but boys are definitely still taller than londy

Eating:  loving finger foods-- some of their new faves are eggs, goldfish, yogurt, mac'n'cheese, bananas.  They love drinking water and juice from their sippy cups, but still not sure about taking the formula from there yet!

Bedtime/ Awake:  doing better with sleeping….not waking during the night at all anymore, and almost always can self-soothe when we put them to bed.  Usually in bed by 8:00 and awake b/n 5 and 5:30 (except londyn who is on a different schedule…a few hours later both times :/
Napping great now twice a day….that's why i'm able to do this post finally!

Diapers: size 3

Clothes: 12 months- pretty much out of the onesies age :( and wearing mostly shorts and tees/tank, or rompers

Latest likes: 
-"walking" with the walker….they get SO excited when they push it around, and even fight over it ha! Just ordered londy a stroller version so she could have her own-she's obsessed and getting closer to walking on her own!
-bathtime with daddy every night!
-hugging and kissing each other  (and us!)
-clapping (londy), waving (Lance), flailing hands and making dino noises (layton) 
-babbling, some mamas, dada, and babas (mostly layt)
-playing hide-n-seek behind the recliner, and chasing each other around!
-Mimicking noises that we make, and trying to talk back to us
-reading books, especially lift the flap and textured ones
-spending time at all their grandparent's houses
-playing in the kitchen with anything made for "grown-ups"

 Personalities: (still all very different and so fun!!)

-Layton: Cheeto is still the most sensitive, but getting a lot better about being attached to me!  Loves to give kisses to anyone and anything (tell him to kiss ANY object and he will-precious!)  Loves to laugh and make silly noises!  Will for sure be the 1st talker with all his babbling already!

-Londyn: Londy is still the ring leader of the crew and walks all over her brothers ha! She's always up to something new or pushing the limits!…Determined, strong, will be an athlete for sure hah!  Very trusting of everyone, and crawls right into the lap of anyone, even new people ha!

Lance: our lancey is still very gentle, sweet-spirited, and a bit more reserved (sometimes).  He LOVEs to laugh at the others and watch when we are playing with them.  More curious and observant, and has better motor skills than the other. he loves to be outside and spends a lot of his time by the windows looking out!

        The summer has just begun and we've already had lots of fun events!!  Between weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, HPD graduation, visits from outta town friends/family, father's day celebrations, and more....whew it's been busy but wonderful! 
 Here  are just a few pics of what we've been up to!


  1. Aren't they at such a fun age!! I bet you are loving that they have built in little playmates!! Pearson loves playing with other babies, so how fun that you guys get to do that everyday!!

  2. Love love love your blog!! Y'all are just the cutest little family ever!! CANNOT wait to be close!! :)