Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day, i love you!

Happy Father's Day!!!  I am the luckiest daughter, wife, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law ever to have such amazing men in my life!  Can't put into words all that they mean to me, but I will try :)
 to the newest daddy Timmy:  After being together for SO long (11 years now?!), I never thought I could love you any more than I already did, UNTIL i watched you as a daddy.  You are the most loving, dedicated, funny, gentle, crazy, and proud daddy!  Thank you for putting our needs first and making us feel so special. I cannot imagine a better partner to share this crazy journey with-we make such a great team, and I think the babies are so happy because of it.  I am so proud of the provider and selfless man you have become, and I can only imagine the memories we will share in years to come :)

To my own incredible dad Steve:  Where do I begin to thank you for the 27 years of love and guidance you have poured into me.  When I picture a true man of God, of integrity, of generosity and gratitude, and family rock in every sense of the word...i think of YOU.  The lessons i've learned by just watching you and talking to you over the years are more lasting and deeper than any you could have intentionally told me.  Thank you for making sure we all had the best life, and never letting us doubt how very proud you were of us.  I will never forget your notes that simply said "remember: Confidence" anytime we needed it.  Now as a Grandad you are just as amazing, and i'm so thankful the babies have you as a role model now too!

To my amazing grandfather Paw Paw:  I am beyond blessed to have you so close and it thrills me beyond words to see your joy with the triplets.  They are so lucky to get to experience the love and fun you have brought all of us for many many years.  Not many babies get to see their Great-grandparents EVERY week and play with them too!  Thank you so much for all you do for them too!   You are the steadfast centerpiece of our large and awesome family, and I truly believe we are all so close and united because of you!  Your love for God, country, and family is undeniable to anyone, and you have instilled in all of us what it means to be loyal to all of those things.  I will never forget your faithfulness and genuine caring spirit for all of us.

To my sweet father-in-law Tim:  I am so lucky to have joined such a caring and accepting family like yours!  You have done so much for us over the years, and I am so thankful for the love you show us and the babies!  They have so much fun playing with you and having sleepovers every month, and I know we will share so many more fun memories in years to come!  Thank you so much for all you do!

ANd lastly to the babies uncle:  Chris (LeVrier) we are so so impressed by you and your genuine dedication to these babies.  Not many 26 year olds (esp who are in the midst of a police academy) would commit to coming every week to help out and play with the babies!  We have so enjoyed getting to spend time with you, and will never forget that amazing act of kindness you showed!  You are the brother i never had, and i love you so much!  Thanks for being there for us and the babies!

To the "future" uncles:  Chris (Corley) and Alex:  y'all are amazing!  We are so lucky to have you around to spend time with, and so thankful for your help every time the babies are there! I know y'all will make amazing dads some day, but for now we are happy to have you as uncles!! Love you!!

Hope all you daddies out there have an amazing day and know how loved you truly are!

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