Thursday, February 24, 2011

a few things I know/ wish I knew...

As I'm approaching week 11, I was just thinking of some things that I've learned already, and quite a few that I wish I knew the answer to.  
Here are some things I know....
- these babies will be loved and cherished by SO many people
-God is bigger than any of my fears
-my husband is even more selfless than I knew, and will become my best nurse
-we are surrounded by prayer warriors
-my mom will be the most valuable asset (already is, but especially when she moves in!)
-big t-shirts are the best until i can wear maternity clothes and not be obvious 
-the pups are going to be so jealous...makes me sad to think about it already
-my sisters and close friends will be the most amazing aunts ever
-the triplets will have the best grandparents and great grandparents in the world!
-God led us to our new church (Grace), at the perfect time

Here is what I wish I knew....
-where my new found obsession with cheese (esp. mac'n'cheese) came from
-how to stay up past 9:00 or sleep past 5:00am
-how to stop shopping online for baby clothes...yes, already spent a few hundred, sadly no joke
-the sex of the babies!  (most are thinking 2 girls and a boy, but I've been shopping for 2boys and 1 girl)
-when I will have to stop working (hoping to make it through TAKS!)
-how to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and encouragement when I need it most!
-a good tv/dvd series or books to start once i'm on bedrest (any recommendations??)
-where to find preemie clothes (again, suggestions??)

Overall, I can't complain....not much nausea, no sickness, just a LOT of fatigue.  The hardest part right now is MAKING myself slow down and rest after work (along with the fact I can't work out at all....I mean not even yoga!  so weird!!)  I have another appointment next week, then move on to the specialists (Houston Perinatal Associates) starting the week after, so I'm sure I'll have more updates soon!

love you all,
Laur +3

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  1. UMM....TV is my fortay---- Brothers and Sisters DVD sets are great---I have 2 of them you can borrow!!!! (you may already watch this though) OR I have ALL Friends seasons and 24! AHH still can't believe it!!!!!