Monday, September 3, 2012

ONE year Post! (way late i know!)

Oops, I did it again---WAY late with the post this time, sorry!  I just keep putting it off b/c the pictures have been taking forever, etc. and finally got some time this weekend while the babies were away!    Seriously cannot believe a year has gone by---it has TRULY been the absolute best year of our lives, and I couldn't ask for anything more!!  I wouldn't trade one second of our lives, even the insanity of the first few months, because these angels have given us the world we never knew we could have!!  I'm not going to get all sentimental, but babies when you read this 10 years from now, I just want you to know how incredibly and unconditionally loved you are by SO many people.  And to quote my Favorite musical..."because I know you, I have been changed for good"  

Our house is SO full of energy now with them all walking so well (started at 11 months so they've mastered it by now!), talking up a storm (see words they say below), and exploring every nook and cranny of the house since we took ALL the gates down--well except the one blocking off their "wing" of the house!  (recently converted our guest bedroom to a "toddler toyroom" and they LOVE it--right next door to the nursery, so they have that whole area to themselves....well along with the kitchen, den, our room, bathrooms....hahahh you know what I mean don't you?!)

***quick sidenote before all the good stuff :)--The next post will be from a special guest blogger :)  so check back tomorrow, and then later in the week I'll post pictures of the Big birthday bash and recent trip with all the fam! Promise I'll get back on track!

12 Month Stats….better late than never right??

- Layton  19 lbs (10th %)
 -Londyn   21.5 lbs   (50th %)
- Lance  21.5 lbs  (50th %)
Height: not sure exactly, but boys are still taller than londy

Physically speaking……
Londyn:  lighter skin, Strawberry blonde (heavy on the red!) wispy hair, short and stout :), almond eyes that squint when she smiles!!

Layton:  darker skin (looks mexican right now like i used to in summers!), long sandy blonde hair (but just got a big boy cut!), very small frame, big blue eyes and a mouth that opens wider than any I've seen ALL the time!!

Lance: darker skin, wavy light blonde hair, trimmed down but not as small as cheet, sweet and bashful smile, soft features :)

Each one in 10 words :)  Hard to do, but my paragraphs were WAY too long at first--SO much personality over here haha!: 

-Layton:  Playful, Laughs, kisses, Goofy, Mimicker, Mama'sBoy,  Mischievious, Chatterbox, Captivating

-Londyn:  show-off, talker, athletic, strong, never shy, brave, friendly, smart, daddy's girl,  Independent

Lance:  Curious, Cuddly, Gentle, Brainiac/Future Engineer :), Bashful, Cautious, GiggleBox, Observant, NatureBoy, Sweet spirited

Favorite "words" to say: 
    Londyn:  "Dis" (this or there), Ma-ma-ma (mine), ba-ba (bottle), tah-tah (thank you), Dodgie (for both dogs),  dada/daddy, mmmmm (kissing noise when she kisses you)
    Lance:  Nigh-Nigh (nite-nite), ah-duh (all-done w/ sign when finished), ma-ma, dada, mmmwah
   Layton: "aaahhhh"waving hands in air for all done, ba-ba (bottle), dodge (dog), dadada, Mama

"Directions" they can follow pretty well now: 
-- "Let's go Outside" (they all walk to back door)
  --"Want to go for walk?" (head to garage and towards jogging stroller), --"Bathtime" - all rush to the tub like a row of ducks--cutest thing ever!!
- "All Done?" (respond with their word for it and raise hands in highchairs)
--they will Bring me a different DVD if the one in there isn't their all-time favorite hah!

Fave Toys at the moment:  
Ball Pit full of 300 Balls (thanks mom and dad hah!), Little Tykes cars, Slide outside,  Splash table, Mini Trampoline, BALLS of any kind (londy esp loves the basketballs!), the "real life" vacuum/swiffer/dustbuster, our doggies ;/, Push toys that used to help them "walk" and now they push each other in!

Fave Books : Brown Bear Brown Bear (Londy),  Fuzzy Farm Animals (layt--loves to kiss anything furry in a book!), Jesus storybook Bible for kids (twice I've found lance flipping thru it on his own--sweetest thing to see!)

Fave Movies/shows:  Baby Genius Nursey Songs, Barney, Caillou, Mickey's Clubhouse

Fave activities:  
-go on walks (we love to find the duckies at the lakes nearby and make stops at the Shipley's down the street!)
 -chase the puppies around the house-getting faster now that they walk so well
-hang out in the laundry room and fight over the vacuum/mop
-play outside and swing (can't wait for the fall weather!!) 
-spend time at grandparents houses,
- bath time with Daddy every night
-playdates with other fun babies (and their mommies :))
-Swimming in the pool

Eating:  3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. Getting pickier with somethings they used to like, but overall pretty good eaters!  No more formula yayyyy- been on Whole milk for a few weeks!

Favorite Foods:  Greek yogurt/Gogurt (frozen like a popsicle!), blueberries, CHEESE, bananas, goldfish, Milk, peaches/pears, green peas 

Bedtime/ Awake:  boys in bed by 7:15, Londy by 8:00….wake up at 5:15, lay back down with bottle till 6:30 usually.

Naps:  Take 2 good naps, usually at least 2 of them sleep at the same time! (meaning one is usually up with me, hence the reason I haven't blogged in forever haha!)

Diapers: size 3

Clothes: 12 months, sometimes 12-18

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