Saturday, May 12, 2012

9 month movers!!

Where did the time go ohmygosh!!  We are having the time of our lives with these super mobile, super funny babies!!  They are all SO full of life & laughter, and we are so full of JOY because of them!  It sounds cliche, but they truly are getting more fun every day, and my love for them continues to grow in ways I never imagined!

I know I'm always saying that things are getting even crazier around here, but REALLY, things HAVE gotten even crazier now that they are crawling (Really fast yikes!) and pulling up/standing on anything and everything they can get their hands on!  Even though we have lots of gates up, somehow they seem to "escape" (or mommy just forgets to keep them closed!), and love getting to all parts of the house.  


Sorry I haven't posted in a long time (didn't even get to the 8 months one oops!), but I had some computer issues (laptop crashed, then i had to learn my new Macbook), plus the fact i'm usually on it only a few minutes a day now!  So again, I'll be brief on this one so i can at least get it posted!

9 month (quick) Stats

- Londyn  18 lbs 
 -Layton   17 lbs   
- Lance  19 lbs  

Height: will find out exacts next week, but londy is still a lot shorter than the boys

Eating:  still doing awesome with their mealtimes!!  Eating food 3 times a day, along with bottles throughout the day.  Mostly still having it pureed and mushy, but recently started finger foods (loving snacks like gerber puffs and cheerios!)

Bedtime/ Awake:  sad to say mommy hasn't been getting as much sleep as we were used to for awhile :(  I think combination of teething and playing so much that they don't get full before bed has led to Londy getting up every night around 2-3 and usually taking bottles.  Overall tho, they are in bed between 8 and 9, then wake up around 5-6.  Not bad considering we have to be careful waking up the other 2 when 1 gets up!

Diapers: size 3

Clothes: a few 9 months, mostly 12.  

-Bathtime!!  Just moved them all 3 to the jacuzzi tub, and they have SO much fun in there together every night!
-getting into "adult" things that they aren't supposed to have!
-pulling up on us and anything around us!
-smiling for the camera and videocamera!!
-hugging and kissing each other  (and us!)
-go on walks and on outings
-being held and cuddled by lots of friends and family!
-reading books, especially lift the flap and textured ones
-spending time at all their grandparent's houses

 Personalities: (so distinctly different with each one…love that!)
-Layton: Cheeto is definitely a momma's boy, and has become very attached to me (which i don't mind ha!)  Still loves to give kisses to everyone, even baby dolls (his sister's don't worry) Also still sensitive, and takes a bit to adjust to a new person, situation, etc. before he opens up.  Babbles the most, and has the cutest belly laugh ever!! A lot tinier than the other 2, but has ALL the hair and still looks like daddy!!

-Londyn: Londy is such a hoot and definitely the ring leader of the crew! She'salways up to something new or pushing the limits!…she is going to give us quite the run for our money we can tell already ha!! Determined, strong, will be an athlete for sure hah!  Probably walking soon!  She gets attached easily to everyone, and loves to cuddle. Super attached to her Cee Cee!

Lance: our little lancey is very gentle, sweet-spirited, and a bit more reserved (sometimes).  He LOVEs to laugh at the others and play with them--always trying to get them in on his games!  Also observant and more inquisitive! he loves to be outside and spends a lot of his time by the windows looking out!

Hope you all have an AMAZING mother's day!!  Want to say thank you to my mom for being the most amazing angel we could ever have!  You are my saving grace, best friend, and role model!  Also, I am SO blessed by my precious mother-in-law, sisters, grandmas, and aunts!  Thank you all for being such amazing women and 2nd mommies to my babies too!  Love you lots!!

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