Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 month sweeties!

Hope everyone is having an awesome spring break!!

I haven’t updated in a long time, so wanted to do a quick post
.but we are headed out for a trip to Canyon Lake (yes with the babies--an adventure for sure but we’ll have lots of helping hands there too!) ,so I’ll have to do the rest later.  WAY too much packing, loading, etc to do right now eek! 

7 month Stats

- Londyn 16
 -Layton   17
- Lance  17.5

Eating:  still enjoying lots of new foods!  Eating solids twice a day, plus 5-6 bottles

Bedtime/ Awake:  Still sleeping through the night for the most part, but usually 2 get up during the night and just need a diaper change or tiny bottle.  Usually in bed around 9, wake up between 5:30 and 7:00

size 3, so thankful for the overnights!Diapers: 

Clothes: 6-9 month.  

-all kinds of toys and books
- bouncing in the xersaucer
-laughing at mommy & daddy
- going on walks and swinging outside
-spending time at both grandparents’ houses, and playing with lots of family
-giant stuffed animals--esp their huge t-rex

Latest tricks
-Layton: lots of babbling (I swear he’s saying mama J), gets up on all 4s about to crawl, laughs at anything, still more sensitive than the others

-Londyn: super playful and giggly, sits well and plays with anything nearby, just about to crawl, still more petite and definitely the girly girl of the trio, likes the take the boys toys from them hah!,

Lance:  really coming out of his shell but still more bashful, best at holding/playing with any toys, likes to sit and play,  really into giving kisses now too, gets super excited to see you


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