Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 month stats

Sweet LondyBear, Cheeto, and LancyPoo,

  I want you to know how much indescribable joy and happiness you have brought to our lives. These past 6 months with you have been the most fulfilling, challenging, rewarding, tiring, and overall amazing times of our lives. It really seems like just yesterday we were in the ICU with you, fearfully holding your tiny little bodies that were attached to so many cords and monitors, not knowing what each day would bring or when we could get you home. You have come so far and done better than we could have ever dreamed, and we are continually in awe of you. 
   Thank you for teaching me things I never thought I needed to know, filling a void I never knew existed, and growing in my heart a love I never imagined I could have. I know this is only the beginning, but I will never be the same because of you and want you to know how deep our love is for each of you in your special unique way. I can’t say I don’t still ask Him “why me?” during the rough times, but God definitely knew what he was doing when he gave us you, and there isn’t an hour that passes without him reminding me why. Please don’t ever forget that.
Love you more than words,
Mommy J

5 month Stats

- Londyn  15 lbs   //  25 in.
 -Layton   16 lbs   //  25 ½ in
- Lance  17 lbs  //  26 in

Eating:  started solids a few weeks ago! They are really good eaters, and actually enjoy mealtime in their highchairs!  They eat rice cereal/oatmeal along with a fruit or veggie twice a day, along with about 5 formula bottles throughout. Some of their fave new foods are avocados, peaches, squash, and applesauce!  Londy is by far the messiest eater, but she has so much fun with it that it’s hard to get mad at her hehe!

Bedtime/ Awake:  Still sleeping through the night for the most part, but usually 2 get up during the night and just need a diaper change or tiny bottle.  Usually in bed around 9 (Londyn stays up past then and gets a bit hyper ha!), wake up between 5:30 and 6ish.
size 2, overnights in 3Diapers: 

Clothes: a few 3-6 months, mostly 6-9.  Since they are too old to swaddle now, we’re loving the Halo sleep sacks that go over pjs as a wearable, safe blanket.

-anything that makes music or talks to them
- bouncing in the exersaucer
-laughing at mommy & daddy
- going on walks and being outside
- bathtime and mealtime
-spending time at both grandparents’ houses, and playing with lots of family
-chewing on teethers and grabbing anything their tiny hands can hold

Developing Personalities:
-Layton: gives good kissesgrabs your face, looks you right in the eyes, then plants a big one on your lips or cheeksthe most precious thing ever!, he’s still by far the most expressive, and smiles/laughs ALL the time! Also very sensitive to what’s going on around him or with other people

-Londyn: very content on her own and more independent than brothers. Playful, Determined, strong-willed, wiggles/rolls all over, loves to read, sweetly giggle, and watch talking toys

Lance: more shy and bashful than the others, gentle and quieter, the most advanced with hand/eye coordination/ core strength/ etc.  Loves to be held and cuddled
***it’s so neat to see them interacting more and more.they love to touch each other, grab for the other, etc. and seem to even feel sorry and worry about the others if they are upset or doing something different than them, etc.
On another note.thanks so much for all the sweet birthday calls, texts, cards, etc It was an extra special one for both of us this year!  It’s crazy to think this month last year was when we first found out about the triplets. 27 doesn’t seem too old, but having three 6 month olds makes me feel old already hehe!!  Oh well, at least we’ll be young 44 year olds when they move out for college ;)

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  1. Precious!!! You are doing such a wonderful job with your sweet babies! :) I love reading your updates! They are all so cute!!