Thursday, July 19, 2012

11 months and walking!

OH MY GOODNESS what a FUN and crazy month it has been!!  With lots of fun events, a parade,  my sister's wedding (another post to come on that!), a yucky sickness that hit all 3 at once (eek!!), and family/friends visiting....we've had another awesome month of laughs and growth!!

Plus things have been really exciting around here lately with them walking!  YES, that's right!  We have 2 WALKERS already and it's so much fun to see!!
They all  have been crawling and climbing everywhere since 7-8 months, so we knew this time was coming, but not this soon ahh!  Londy took her first steps to Dee Dee the day before their 11 month bday, and has been picking up speed ever since hah!  She is ALL over the house, and loves to carry things (often 2 at once) while she walks around hah!  She has so much fun "delivering" stuffed animals or balls to people in the room--so cute!  Lance took his first steps earlier this week, but just started moving more at once last night. He'll be catching up to her in no time i bet hah! (well maybe not fast enough to catch her--londy is pretty crazy!)  Layton is standing and "cruising" around the furniture and with his walkers, so it won't be long!
We had these pics done at 10 months...their 1 year shoot will be later!

tried to get one with the "1" to use for this time they had enough and just wanted bottles ha! oh well....

We had a fabulous time with both sides of our family on the 4th of July at the annual Lakesides Estates Parade!!  My Mother-in-law went all out in decorating the stroller  (and the babies!)--it was so cute!  We  even got 1st place in the parade, and a shout out on the News twice that night ha!  What a fun day with everyone we love!

babies didn't feel good for several days--fever, bumps, didn't want to eat!  Felt so sorry for my babies--plus bad timing right before the wedding!! They recovered just in time and were able to make it with only a few leftover scabs!

CeeCee brought them lots of "get well" gifts to make them feel better :)


londy loves standing up in the cart at Target

 Here's a little "teaser" for pics of Ash's beautiful wedding!!  It was an amazing night!
More to come!

as usual...londy is taking their stuff!
happy lance after his first steps!

pushing around cheeto!
reading with Kell!

Hope you have a fabulous week!  LOVE YOU all!!

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