Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Fun at 5 months!

Well, we have definitely entered what many call the “golden age”! 

 Londyn, Layton, and Lance are happy babies in every sense of the word…SO much laughing, smiling, talking (ok babbling J), playing, and overall just so joyful. 

 YES, it is still a lot of work and busy busy each day….but seeing their constant progress and growing interactions with all of us makes it SO worthwhile.  We are having a really great time just playing with them and watching their unique personalities start to shine!
5 month Stats

Eating: formula (similac advance). Eat usually 5 times a day since they sleep so long at night

A Normal day... Starts around 5:30 when i get up with Lance. The other 2 usually sleep till close to 7, so that gives me time to feed lance, get breakfast & bottles ready, etc Usually layton wakes up right as Tim is leaving for work.  Mom gets here around 9, and the rest of the morning is spent feeding, playing, holding, cleaning, laudering, etc.  Sometimes the babies sleep a bit in the afternoon, but really never at the same time :( so we are always doing something with one of them!  Occasionally we'll take them to the mall or outdoor shopping center, etc to get out for a bit.  Once Tim gets home (usually by 4:30 lucky duck!) mom heads home. Evenings can be pretty rough most nights...apparently most babies get fussier in the evenings after a long day (just picture that times 3 ha!).  Needless to say, we don't do much cooking...usually once a week and even then he preps the food throughout the day. Lots of frozen meals, takeout, etc!  So thankful to our families for helping out in that area still!  Babies take last bottles around 7:30 and last one (always londy) falls asleep by 9:30ish.  This gives us about an hour to ourselves and the tv ha!  LONG days, but so worth it and only getting better!
Sleep habits: VERY thankful they have continued to sleep through the night! Don’t know how we got so lucky so earlyguess it’s b/c they’ve been exclusively getting bottles (formula) for awhile and that keeps them fuller than if i were nursing. HOWEVER...since they sleep so long at night, they don't Nap much AT ALL throughout the day!  Wish we could change those sporadic "cat naps" to one or 2 long ones, but nothing has worked so far!

Diapers:  size 1// Lance in 1-2

Clothes: mostly 3 months, some 3-6sizes vary so much by brand it’s crazy!

- reading with mommy and cee cee
- going on walks with daddy & mommy when the weather allows
- making trips to Target or HEB (I usually take one at a time so I can get more done while there but sometimes we do all 3 and get quite the stares/conversations haha!)
- sitting in their Bumbos and Exersaucers/bouncers
-playing with their new toys (love Dance & Wiggle puppy and Sophie the giraffe now)
-chewing on teethers and grabbing anything their tiny hands can hold
Londyn is still our littlest lovie

Latest Tricks:
-interacting with each othereven touching and holding hands at times,
-laughing out loudso fun to hear 3 very distinct and different noises coming from them,
-HUGE smilesespecially from Layton aka mr personality
- trying to hold their own bottles (not quite there yet!)
- good head/neck control,
- rolling back and forth- esp londyn who is almost sitting on her own too!
-not dependent on pacifiers much anymore

layton-a man of many faces :)

lance is the my little chunker!

storytime with mommy-my own reading group :)
layton loves to "stand up" by brother

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  1. Lauren- you're babies are SO precious!! Pearson is the exact same way. He sleeps great at night but doesn't nap well at all. I've read that babies need 14-15 hours and since he gets 12-13 at night that doesn't leave much time for naps during the day. I've also heard from friends that their babies were just like Pearson and then they got better at napping when they got older and could really play hard. Once they played hard....they napped hard. Maybe that how Pearson and your babies will be!!!